10 Cool Alarm Clocks

wmmattler March 22, 2010 5

Short of an alarm clock that pumps the caffeine directly into the blood stream, there are a few new and improved alarm clocks out there that are giving it the old college try. From forcing you out of the comfort of your comforter to allowing you to do a little early morning target practice, there are some alarming new and cool alarm clocks that will rouse your from the deepest dream.

10. The Illuminating Experience Alarm Clock

Some folks naturally wake to light so the “Light Sleeper” could be just what the sandman ordered. The pillow and bed quilt begin glowing to speed up the waking process. Sounds a bit like paranormal activity of a different kind.

9. The Gun O’clock Alarm Clock

If you are into killing a little time in the morning, the Gun O’clock might work best for you. When the alarm sounds simply pick up the matching hand gun and shoot. Of course you do have to hit the target so ready, aim, and wake up.

8. The Carpet Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will bring you to your feet. The Carpet Alarm Clock forces you to step on it in order to shut it off, although I am sure tossing a heavy brick in its directions would work just as well. The theory is “Hell, as long as I’m up…”

7. The Dangerbomb Alarm Clock

You won’t want to bring this alarm clock in your carry-on bag at the airport. The Dangerbomb will only stop if you connect the yellow, blue and red wires correctly.

You might want to clear the sleep from your eyes first because if you don’t do it right, Bang goes the alarm clock.

6. The BanClock Alarm Clock

BanClock is not a city in Thailand. For the penny pinchers among us the Banclock is a two-fer.

It will wake you up on time, but won’t stop sounding off until you feed it a coin breakfast. It may save a penny or two but you’ll have to invest the first 60 dollars in the clock.

5. “Catch the Flying Propeller” Alarm Clock

Sirens wailing and the only way to stop them, to jump out of bed and catch the flying propeller that has popped of the top of the clock, who the heck needs the gym after this morning routine?

4. The Bacon Frier Alarm Clock!

Wake up to breakfast in bed? Why not, Waken n’ Bacon cooks up a strip of bacon starting about ten minutes before the desired wake up time. Not a bad idea if you like cleaning your alarm clock of bacon grease every morning.

3. The Darth Vader Alarm Clock

For fans of Stars this alarm clock is a must have. The Darth Vader Alarm has a few different functions.

The time is displayed in Darth’s eyes; there is an AM/Fm radio, an audio jack for an MP3 Player and three different sound effects to scare you out of bed. Luke, I am your cool alarm clock.

2. The Punchable Alarm Clock

There are some mornings you just hate to wake up. Who hasn’t wanted to break that alarm clock interrupting dreams of wealth and hot lovers?

Look no further The “Smash” allows you to get all that morning anger and rage out by punching it into silence.

You might just want to keep one eye open to make sure your fist is making contact with the clock!

1.The Silent Wristband Alarm Clock

If you can’t stand that darned buzzer going off in your ears first thing in the morning, this interesting alarm clock doesn’t make a sound.

A rubber ring around wrist begins vibrating when it’s time to rise and shine, shaking your hand.

This tactile alarm system has a built in snooze giving you a few more moments of shut eye before shaking you again. Beats the heck out of a taser. I don’t see this one working on me.


This would be the only alarm clock that wakes me up; On the first activation of the snooze, an alarm sounds at the local fire station, alerting the EMTs that they should be enroute to my home.

Upon the activation on the SECOND snooze, a WWE wrestler comes out of my closet and puts me in a belly-to-belly suplex. This will most likely require that the EMTs arrive to resuscitate me. After everyone leaves, Megan Fox brings me breakfast in bed…. I would NOT be going back to sleep!


  1. Rituraj Yadav September 1, 2011 at 12:27 pm -

    I want the carpet alarm clock. And the wrist band one too….

  2. Anshul September 1, 2011 at 1:42 pm -

    ohhh……. Alarm Clocks are the most important. Surely going to use one of them… :)

  3. Arun September 1, 2011 at 8:11 pm -

    All are nice. But we will hate it when it beeps at morning.

  4. webo September 1, 2011 at 8:58 pm -

    I like the illuminating one, but the one which I have alwasy searhcing for is talking alarm clock, addressing my name as “Good Morning Webo”, never found yet.

  5. Dinesh Shetty September 12, 2011 at 9:19 pm -

    Illuminating Experience Alarm Clock is really great. I am going to have this type of alarm for me.

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