Top 10: Essential iPhone Apps

wmmattler January 27, 2010 1

While it’s true that many iPhone apps are functional and offer a wide variety of bells and whistles, the question lingers; Which ones are the greatest? Here is our essential list.

10. FotoTimer

This is handy for those who like to take pictures of themselves without their arm in the way. A great group photo app, as you can set the time for when the picture will be taken, and how many times.

9. Evernote

This is a free app that let’s you create notes easily. These can be text, picture or voice notes. For those of us who often forget how old we are or what we were trying to remember or… what was I saying?


I love this app. How often do you travel to a new place and not know where to eat? To avoid a “McBurger” this app will give you a breakdown of what there is in the way of places to slap on the ol’ feed bag.

7. TiVo Mobile

Forgot to set your TiVo up before you left for your African Safari? Fear not, anywhere you have signal means you can remotely set up your TiVo to do its thing for you. YAY!

6. Remote

This handy dandy will work all the media in your iTunes library and/or your Apple TV. This little app will save you time and make it so you really don’t ever have to leave the house for a new CD or to rent a DVD.

5. Shazam

This is a music player that will not only tell you what you are listening to and help you purchase it, but will (apparently) tell you where you heard it? It’s cool, but the more I think about it, the more it kind of freaks me out a little.

4. Snap Tell Explorer

Simply take a picture of a DVD, book or CD and upload it to the Snap Teller thingy. It then finds information on that particular thing and tells you all about it. Nice!

3. Facebook

Really, who doesn’t want everyone in the world know that they just ate Taco Bell? With this iPhone app, you don’t have to wait until you get home to let everyone know every minor little thing you’ve done that day.

2. BeejiveIM

This cool app links nearly every chat program on the face of the planet together to help you chat-aholics stay up on the latest IM gossip.

1. Spot a Cop

This app actually allows you to know where the cops are when you are driving. This is great for those of us that drive a little over the speed limit or knock off the occasional liquor store.

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  1. Ronnie231 June 9, 2011 at 7:47 am -

    Shazam’s really cool, it’s saved me so thinking trying to recognize songs! :D
    Definitely belongs on this list.
    The list is a pretty old tho…

    Check this one, it’s much newer: