Top 10: Addictive iPhone Club Games

Lesley September 13, 2010 4

With so many genres and themes of iPhone games out on the market currently, which ones are the good ones? I too get frustrated when I find an app, and end up having to uninstall it within minutes because it just plain sucks! I decided to help you out by picking a theme; the theme being party-esque/night club/bar-type games (because, well, who doesn’t like a party?), and make a top 10 list of my favorite ones. So, let’s get the party started!

10. Claire’s Bar

This is a time management game similar to Diner Dash. I guess I’m just a sucker for these TM games because they’re so mindless, yet addictive. It’s also very similar to a game called BarStar (another game that has made this list) in that you are both running a bar. In Claire’s Bar, you may be asked to perform duties which include cleaning up vomit, handling a complaint, taking customer orders etc. As well, in both games (again, the other being BarStar), the drink process is timed. However, making the drinks is not complicated in this game as the ingredients you need to use are shown directly on the screen at the time of gameplay. What I didn’t particularly like about this game were the graphics; they’re very plain and are not exactly interesting to look at. However, despite the boring graphics, the gameplay was still super fun.

9. Bar Oasis

I like Bar Oasis for a variety of reasons. This game is great on a whole because it combines a number of game genres and puts it all into one neat package. There’s an RPG, tilt pouring, and time-management game all in one neat package. The graphics in this game are also great; although not completely consistent. What I mean by that is there’s a part of the game where you play the bartender and have to mix drinks for customers. While the drinks you make are realistic, the characters aren’t… in a way. The characters and scenery is cartoony, but it’s still realistic in terms of how realistic cartoons can be, if that makes sense. Another thing that pulled me into this game was the great storyline. Each character has their own story which really pulls and engages you to continue playing the game. Absolutely worth playing!

8. Nightclub Fever

In Nightclub Fever, you get to run the clubs in the hottest cities around the world. This includes places like Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and more! You pretty much create your own club from choosing what goes into it, such as the music you want to play and the ambiance you want to create. However, designing the club involves some strategy, as you have to be able to keep your guests entertained. Further, strategy comes into play as each level will require a higher money target. Therefore, you must be able to spend more money (on the right items) in order to bring in the right guests that have the money to spend.

7. Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar is very similar to Cooking Mama. You take on the role of a bartender. Therefore, instead of frying, mixing, chopping ingredients, you get to tilt, shake, squeeze, mix etc. ingredients on the iPhone touch screen. It’s super fun, but by the time you put down the game, you’ll most likely be craving a drink… or two. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

6. DJ Mix Tour

DJ Mix Tour is an RPG game that is similar to Guitar Hero/Dance Dance Revolution/Tap Tap Revenge. Basically, you have to tap the colored buttons (that represent either turning the disk or changing the tune/volume of the sound system) as they appear on the screen just like a DJ. It’s pretty entertaining, but what I like about the game is the popular songs that they have in the game which include Get The Party Started by Pink, Show Me Love by Robyn, as well as more recent songs from Britney Spear’s Womanizer to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and Just Dance.

5. Shot Bar

If BarStar and Nimble Strong had a baby, they would name it Shot Bar. Shot Bar is yes, you guessed it, another bartending game. However, Shot Bar is definitely more similar to it’s mother, Nimble Strong because the gameplay focuses more so on creating the drinks; while in BarStar, you are running the whole bar (i.e. bringing customers to the washroom, allowing customers to hit the dance floor, etc.). You’re pretty much given an unlimited supply of shot glasses and drinks. Then, according to customer orders, you have to make the drinks accordingly. Plus, some of the characters in this game are pretty hot if I do say so myself. Don’t judge me.

4. Bar Defender

Bar Defender is a castle defense game that reminds me of Plants vs. Zombies (also a really fun game!). The basic plot consists of a large corporation that wants to get rid of your favorite, local bar so that they can build their own business; but obviously you’re going to do everything in your power to prevent this from happening. You defend yourself by throwing bottles and bottles of booze at the different waves of enemy. I can literally play this game for hours. However, the only thing that I don’t appreciate is the music, it really does get annoying after a while.

3. Alcohol Frenzy

Alcohol Frenzy is the simplest, mindless, yet probably one of the most addictive drug games on this list! You pretty much throw a lemon in the air, drink (tap) all the shots of tequila, and catch the lemon before it hits the plate. There are 30 levels altogether, and is great to play at anytime. It amazing how the simplest games are sometimes the best games out there!

2. BarStar

BarStar is a super cute, time-management game. This game is very Diner Dash-esque, except instead of running a diner, you are serving customers drinks in the bar. However, this is not the only duty. You are also running the whole bar: bringing customers to the washroom, allowing customers to dance, etc. The graphics are adorable, and this game is super addictive. I also love this game because you get to learn how to make drinks (i.e. Singapore Sling, Tom Collins, Strawberry Daiquiris etc.). Plus, if you pay close attention, you might even notice that Bella and Edward (hello, Twilight Fanatics!) in the game. Cute little details like that just make me like the game even more!

1. Nimble Strong

This game is for all you bartenders-in-training. You truly get to practice your bartending skills in this game with over 70 cocktails to make. This is one of the most original bartending games I have ever played. For example, I thought it was very clever of them to include the detail of shaking the iPhone to make it seem like you are shaking/making a martini in real life. The graphics in this game are very anime-like, and it has a very strong story-line with 4 acts in total, and multiple endings. Be warned though, for those who don’t like to read, this game is probably not for you; for others who don’t mind text, definitely check this game out!


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    cool! but what about Tapper??? its old school i know…

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    I love drinking, but sometimes i cant. So i use my iphone to fix this :)

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    Bar Oasis is great iphone game. This game has lot of variety in it. I love this iphone game.