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Since the invention of the internal combustion engine, car manufacturing has grown to become a fiercely competitive global industry. Nearly every household in the developed world owns a motor vehicle and millions of pounds are spent each year on research in order to develop more and more advanced models. Cars have become a necessity and we have come to rely on them like no other 20th century creation. Designers stop at nothing to be one step ahead of their rivals and we have seen a trend of manufacturers consistently pushing the boundaries as we demand faster, safer and comfier vehicles to cater for our modern lifestyles . Some cars have remained as merely concepts, never managing to reach the showrooms. Below we take a look at ten examples.

VW  Bluesport


Volkswagen are no strangers to big projects as their award winning ‘Veyron’ would attest to. This model harks back to the days of classic American muscle cars. Its nice clean lines hide a very efficient turbo diesel engine.

Mitsubishi I-Miev Sport Air


This car won’t win any beauty contests but it’s light and symmetrical with the look of a bubble car. The roof is detachable which goes one step further from the traditional sun roof.

Infiniti Essence

Infiniti Essence Concept

This vehicle has the look of purpose. It has presence but yet in some way understated. The luxury division of Nissan could have been onto a winner here.

Kia Soul’ster


If you were a child in the 1970s you will definitely have a fond feeling towards this Kia. Reminiscent of a Tonka truck, it even has a square steering wheel.

Honda FC Sport


With fossil fuels getting scarce, it’s nice to see a car such as this on the designers table. This beautifully contoured concept Honda’s engine runs on hydrogen. It is only a three seater but hugs the road lower than a toboggan.

Lamborghini Estoque


This vehicle is a work of art as well as a demonstration of supreme power and road presence. Despite being a divergence from the Italian supercar maker’s style, it doesn’t fail to draw gasps of awe.

Chevrolet Stingray


A true concept car as noted by its appearance in the Hollywood movie ‘Transformers Revenge of the Fallen’. It’s easy to see why petrol heads would want to get their hands on this stunning Autobot.

Citroen Tubik


There’s not a lot to say about this one really apart from the fact it could potentially scare pedestrians and other drivers off the road. It actually looks like it arrived from another planet.

Scio iQ


The move towards more efficient vehicles seems to be a theme with Toyota these days. That doesn’t mean economy has to be boring though as demonstrated with this wild looking tiny car. It’s smaller than a mini and incorporates an LCD dashboard display

Bentley EXP


This is Bentley’s take on a utility vehicle. Suffice to say it rather looks like a London black cab.  I doubt we’ll see it on the roads anytime soon though.

Cadillac World Thorium



Last on the list we have a car which is appropriately named ‘WTF’ (‘World Thorium Fuel’ concept car). It’s easy to see why when you consider it has a front grill wider than the cars actual body length and 16 wheels wrapped into one on each corner. It can apparently go 100 years without any form of maintenance which certainly covers any reliability issues. By the way, it’s also nuclear powered (which explains why we won’t be seeing them in consumer’s hands any time soon).

List written by bizarre car fanatic George from What’s your favourite concept car? Would you actually drive it?

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