Top 10 Marathon Costumes Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life

TT10 May 1, 2012 Comments Off

Inspired by AXA PPP healthcare and Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life partnership we wanted to put together a list of the best fancy dress costumes spotted at marathons across the globe.  They range from the weird to the wonderful and are supporting some wonderful causes, so without further ado!

10. At number ten on our list are these two women who seem to be, er, watching the race rather than participating.  These fairies make our top 10 for the less-than-amused factor.

9. Sneaking in at number 9 are those ‘got your number’ boys.  Has to be said that they aren’t looking so cheery in this picture, 26 miles will do that to you!

8. Running into 8th position is a man dressed as a banana.  No potential slip ups then!  Many athletes use bananas to provide their bodies with energy.  Not dresses their bodies with them!

7. Wheres Wally? Here he is! Sticking out from the crowd in this costume making it at no 7 is Wally taken time out from blending in to raise money for a good cause like Race for Life!

6.  Making it at no 6 is surely this participant dressed as a sports bottle.  I bet this was incredibly hard work pounding the pavement with this outfit on!

5. At number 5 is Woody’s friend Buzz, taking time out from saving the planet to run for a charitable cause.

4. Next on the list is a character called Mr Testicles.  Running for a men’s health charity and raising awareness about testicular cancer.  Hats off to the fella, he must be baking in there!

3. So here it is the top 3.  Surely having the advantage of 4 legs and a water reservoir on your back gives an advantage.  Well, no, not when you are two men struggling to see and attempting to run in tandem.

2. Narrowly missing out on top spot is the no 11 bus.  Without pandering to the stereotype of late buses and such, well, I hope this made it on time.

1. Here it is the no 1 spot for the best fancy dress costume whilst running a marathon.  He will be ‘think skinned’ for me to say these guys aren’t notoriously quick but our winner is the rhino who ran the event in Brighton.  What an effort!

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