Top 10: Claustrophobic Office Cubicles

Trixie December 13, 2010 2

Christmas is soon here and with that some well deserved time off work. So in the cheerful spirit of the Holiday we will give you a funny list of some truly bizarre office spaces. This list is brought to you by EthoSource, your supplier of used office furniture.

I know that if you save the caps of coke bottles you can win some pretty cool stuff – but that’s just the caps, not the bottles that still have sticky Coke residue on them. Here’s something else you might not know: you can totally recycle those plastic bottles. They’ll even give you money for them. You can use that money to buy more coke. It’s cyclical.

The stuff in your office – on the desk, piled on the floor, wherever you’ve contained it – should not be taller than you are, either standing or seated. If you find that after sitting at your desk you can no longer visually assess the rest of your office because your line of sight is blocked by a ton of stuff, it might be time to invest in another file cabinet, or perhaps look into some sort of digital storage system. That’s what the thing that resembles a TV you’ve covered in post-its is for.

The best work is often done in the right environment; this office is not in the right environment. Passengers traveling coach in the middle seat between two overweight passengers have more elbow room. Your office design should say something about you, and that something shouldn’t be “I’m trapped, please send help.”


  1. Ellen September 1, 2011 at 6:35 pm -

    Some of these are so small. Alot of them would be bigger if the person cleaned up. Who would leave and of that trash in their workspace? How are they not fired. lol

  2. rithwikram September 13, 2011 at 2:06 am -

    this is crazy