Top 10 Tips for a Great Wedding without Breaking the Bank

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Whether you have been thinking about your wedding since you were five or never gave it a second thought until you got engaged, chances are you think it is a special event.  It can also be a costly one too and most of us are operating on some sort of budget. If you are not of the ilk where ‘’money is no object’’ and you cannot afford to ‘’spare no expense,” you can still have a great wedding without going broke or heavily into debt.

Make Your Own Invitations

With all the technology, software and the like that is on the market now, people can create all sorts of professional quality products right in their own living room. You just need a quality printer; many stationary stores carry paper designed to be used on home printers for event invitations.

Cut Down on Catering Costs

Food is probably one of the biggest expenses when it comes to a wedding and getting it for the best price possible is a great way to shrink your costs. Family-owned restaurants often provide catering services at reasonable prices. If feasible, prepare some of the food on your own or seek out the assistance of kitchen-savvy friends or family.

If you are going with the wedding venue or a professional catering company for your food needs, be honest that you are on a budget. Ask if you can provide your own liquor. Keep the open bar limited to cocktail hour and serve an inexpensive wine with the meal.

Cut Down Vendor Costs by Offering Advertising

Many businesses in the wedding game get a lot of clients from referrals; so talk to them about getting a reduced rate if you agree to offer them some free advertising. You can place a list of vendors used for your wedding and their contact information at each place setting at the table.

Contact Local Universities for Low-Cost Live Entertainment

If you want live music at your wedding, contact the music departments of local universities and see how you could get in touch with current students who may be interested in singing and/or playing music at your event. Like any other potential entertainer, you can audition them to see if they make the grade. You will get them at a fraction of the cost.

Make Your Own Floral Arrangements

Beautiful flowers are a staple of most weddings and they can be quite costly. Consider making your own flower arrangements. You can solicit the help of an artistic friend, take a flower-arranging class or even purchase a ‘’how-to’’’ video on the subject. Gather pictures from magazines on arrangements you like. Do a practice run on your chosen arrangements for centerpieces and/or bouquets.

Skip the Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can be beautiful to look at but quite expensive too. Consider a sweets bar or a wedding cupcakes. Just as delicious and more economical.

Skip Save the Date Cards, Magnets,etc..

No matter how you remind your friends and family of your wedding, they will remember the date of such an important day. Skip magnets, cards and the like and go with an email or a phone call.

Go Informal with the Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinners are like a mini-wedding and can be quite costly. There is no need for this event to be fancy in any way. Have a more informal gathering, maybe order a pizza.

Utilize Friends and Family

Seek out friends and family who may be able to help with aspects of the wedding process, whether they are a great cook or take great photos. You can offer to pay but they will likely do it for free or at a greatly reduced cost compared to hiring someone else.

Forget the Should’s

We often feel pressure to do things in a certain way, especially something like a wedding, because of arbitrary declarations of other people or society at large.Forget about what you “should” do and only do the things you want to do. For example, you may want to give your bridesmaids affordable bridesmaid gifts to show how much you appreciate them without breaking the bank. If pressure and not pure desire is driving any aspect of the planning process, you need to reevaluate.

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