Top 10: Unique Homes

wmmattler April 8, 2010 Comments Off on Top 10: Unique Homes

House hunting can be grueling. Price is one thing, but to find the house that fits your lifestyle and needs perfectly can be a real challenge. The desire for something different, something one can lead to extremes.

10. Barbie House

What little girl doesn’t dream of having a Barbie house, but life size? The real-life Malibu Dream house is, of course, located in Malibu, California and overlooks the Pacific. Perhaps there is a Barbie yacht to go with it in case it slides into the Sea.

9. Use the Door Luke

For home that is truly out of this world, well at least should be, this Star Wars tribute home was originally inspired by Neil Armstrong’s lunar landing. The Space house first landed in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1970. Aliens are not believed to lived there.

8. There’s No Place Like Home

Click your heels together three times: there’s no place like dome, there’s no place like dome. The owners of this Buckminister-Fuller experimental home must say that every time they leave the front yard. You can decide whether this geometric abode measures up.

7. Simpsons’ House

It may not be in Springfield, but it is an exact replica of the Simpson’s home. The Henderson, Nevada Simpson house was made by a real fan of the popular cartoon, if you hadn’t already guessed.

6.”Kitty, I’m Home!

A Hello Kitty fan better live in this Taipei, Taiwan home. From ear to paw this little home is all Sanrio inspired.

5. Hobbiton House

You could really get into the Hobbit of fantasy living in this Simon Dale Hobbit House. The house in a knoll took four months to construct with the help of Dale’s father-in-law and few passers-by.

4. “Fred and Wilma’s

Live like you are in the Stone-age in the Flintstones replica house. Located in Nas Montanhas de Fafe, Portugal this bedrock style house is complete with a door, and skylights. Yabba dabba doo!

3. Lionel Ritchie’s House… not really.

You might feel a bit out of sorts in the upside down house. Originally built as an art exhibit on an island in Northern Germany, is at last check unoccupied as visitors did feel a little queasy and disoriented inside.

2. Not in Anyone’s Backyard

The “Minister’s House” is the world’s biggest tree house. Horace Burgess took 14 years to build the structure in, around and through an 80 foot tall white Oak tree. The wooden house is 97 feet tall with six sturdy trees acting like pillars. The Swiss Family Robinson must be so jealous.

1. What Some People Hatch…

If you have been unable to find egg-sactly the right home for you, and you are walking on egg shells in anticipation of finding house, consider this egg house. Located in Belgian and looking a bit like a waffle inside, the house is no yolk. It is complete with bathroom, kitchen, bed space and storage areas. Best of all this VB-3 home is a mobile living space, you know, in case you have to scramble.

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