Top 10 Tips for Deciding Where to Live

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The area you live in can impact your life significantly in so many ways. Weather, people, pace of life, entertainment options…the list could go on and on. If you are in the process of moving and you have decided to leave your current location, deciding on the next place can be a little nerve-wracking and stressful given the number of factors to consider. But, with a little focus and self-questioning, you can find the perfect place for you. And take consolation in the fact that it is not a permanent decision and you can always come back or go somewhere else!

What is Your Ideal Climate/Weather?

Weather can have a huge impact on us. While I do not think that living somewhere with your ideal weather is the key to inner peace and happiness, it can definitely impact our mood and overall satisfaction with our location and what it affords us to do with our time. Do you prefer warmer weather or cooler weather? What are your favorite activities and are doing them dependent on certain weather conditions? How well do you deal with rain and snow?

Are You Urban, Suburban or Rural?

Another key to deciding where to live is determining what type of area is best suited for you personally. Do you like the buzz and energy of a big, busy city or are you more interested in living in a small town with a relaxed pace of life where everybody knows everybody else? By determining the things most important to you for your living situation overall, it will become clear which option is best for you.

Considerations for Culture, Entertainment and Lifestyle

Make a list of all the activities you enjoy, particularly things that you cannot do now because of your current address. Getting really clear on how you like to spend your time will provide great insight into your most ideal location. If you love spending time outdoors above all else, living in a concrete jungle where you can only see green on the weekends may not be the best option.

Transportation Considerations

If you plan on working in a big city but living in a suburb, how long will it take you to commute? Are there any public transportation options? It is a heavily congested area? Living in an area where getting around can be time consuming or inconvenient may not be the best option for you depending on certain factors, such as having to commute to a job or a general dislike of driving.

Financial Considerations

Most of us are operating on some sort of budget when it comes to our spending our money, especially for the big things like houses. If money is far from being no object when it comes to relocating, do your homework on things like property taxes, state and local taxes and housing costs and trends. What is the cost of living?


Eating, for many, goes far beyond survival. Food can bring us pleasure, it can be a source of adventure. Is having a variety of food important to you? Do you need to be within reach of a Whole Foods, gourmet foods or stores that stock a large amount of international items? Do you want to be near lots of different restaurants?

Politics and Personal Values

If you feel strongly about certain political issues, values and the like, finding a community of people that share them should be an important consideration in finding your new home base.  If spirituality or religion is important to you, finding a place that offers places of worship and other resources and activities is good.


While we can never guarantee our safety 100 percent, where we decide to live can be a major factor in reducing or increasing the likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime. You can easily look up crime statistics of different areas easily on the internet.


Unless you are working for yourself or you already have a job in place, researching employment options is crucial for determining your location. It may even have to supersede some of your other desires since you cannot do much of anything without money anyway.


If you have children or plan on having them in the near future, the quality of the local schools may be important to you, especially if you cannot afford or do not want to send your children to private school.

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