Top 10 iPhone Apps for Losing Weight

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Human beings tend to portray themselves as the most beautiful as they can. This is very common. Many among us take losing weight as even resolution of the year. And as we are running in a busy world it is much important to pay special attention regarding health. Dieting is the popular and familiar way to lose weight. However monitoring the actions we have taken play a vital role in this process.

Lose weight now

This article aims at providing you with the top 10 iPhone apps that guides you in heading towards losing weight.

Lose It:

lose it

Lose It would be a perfect option in monitoring you weight. You will be asked to answer certain questions like current weight, your weight goal and some other questions relating weight losing. You can use this either in losing the weight or to gain weight. This app also gives you information on daily calorie budget. Whatever the information you are providing is completely private if you wish to share among your friends. Other than this there are tips and exercise activities listed in the database. The estimate is that this app helps you in losing half or two pounds of weight per week.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Account:

my fitness pal calorie counter

Monitoring the calories detail out of the food we are interested is not at all an easy deal. This app would help you in that way. This app provides a report on this account. Calorie control also needs perfect exercises. My Fitness Pal Calorie Account app helps you in keep tracking of it and provides you with exercise tips that could benefit you. This app also helps to sync you data with desktop and iPhone so that your data are saved.

Monitor Your Weight:

monitor your weight

This is an award winning app helping you in keep tracking with the weight regulation. You can also track the weight regulation of your family by the option of using multi-profile. Based upon the current weight, height, gender and some other information you have provided the app will give you the time to be spent in reaching your goal.


fooducate iphone app

Fooducate has the bar code facility in which it gives a complete record of any food product by means of scanning.  There is also option for search for products or even you can browse for the food product that suits your diet. You can share the information to your friends. Excessive sugar, fat, added preservatives, food colors are some of the factors that this app will search for while scanning. You will also be suggested with alternative food products that help you in attaining the targeted weight.

Diet To Go:


Confused about the diet plan? Stop worrying. Diet To Go is the one stop solution for this. This app provides a number of diet plans that may suit your food practice. Rating about the particular diet is also available in this app. This gives an option to get a gist about the app. Take the reviews like grain of salt as details about the person who posted the review is not available. The diet package will be for five days so that you can get in to practice it.

Food Scanner:

food scanner iphone app

Once again “Food Scanner” is a popular app that helps you in getting complete detail about the food just by scanning. If you are in a supermarket and confused about picking up the right food product then Food scanner will help you. The highlighted feature about this app is that you can search for the food product even if you are in restaurant. By simply entering the restaurant name also you can get the search result.

Run Keeper:

run keeper iphone app

Run Keeper keeps one step ahead to guide you regarding fitness. While you run, walk or bike ride for your fitness this app will keep monitoring on this. This app helps you in giving coach by means of audio cues. At the same time you can listen to good music while you work out. Set a goal of fitness using this app and work towards it. If you reach those targets then you will be notified. This app also helps you in sharing the progressed data to your friends through Facebook.

Weight Bot:

weight bot iphone app

Feed your weight details and set the targeted weight. Weight Bot helps you in achieving the same. Once you entered the details you will be provided with BMI detail. The result will be explained in a detailed graph manner. This app is completely secured and you can save the data by setting pass code. Rotate in clockwise direction to view your weight over time and anti clockwise direction to view the goal record.

Weight Tracker:

weight tracker iphone app

Weight tracker app helps you in keep tracking weight regulation, calorie budget and more. You are given option to use multiple accounts with respectable pass code. This is one of the easy ways to keep monitoring the status on daily basis. This app has got good reviews by the users by means of its simplest form of accessibility.


endomondo iphone app

I could say that Endomondo is preferably a coach for your fitness maintenance. You can enter manual workout that includes treadmill, spinning or other workout equipments and get the guidance in audio cues. You will be notified with the workout activities done by your friends. You can enable countdown option here. You may sign in to your face book account and share the information with your friends.


I have shared this information just because to say that mobile apps have become a good companion for us in anyways. Right from simple calculation till weight losing they provide a better guidance to move on.

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