Top 10 Deadliest Cancers

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Cancer is the 2nd most deadly disease in the United States, after heart disease. There has been a great deal of progress in treating it in the last 25 years. The five-year survivability rate has soared from 50% in 1970 to 65% these days But cancer still claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year. The most deadly forms of cancer from 2003-07 are listed below.

10. Esophageal Cancer: 67,000 Lives

This terrible cancer begins in the esophagus cells. It usually grows in the lower esophagus. It kills more men than women, and it also killed about 15,000 in 2010.

9. Ovarian Cancer: 73,600 Lives

This was the 4th leading cause of death for females from 2003-07. Sixty-three was the median age for women when they were diagnosed. This cancer can be treated easier than some others. However, it is difficult to detect in early stages. Research in the last few years has discovered early symptoms of the disease that can make it easier to diagnose. Some early symptoms include discomfort in the abdomen, need to urinate and pain in the pelvis.

8. Liver Cancer: 80,000 Lives

liver cancer

Liver cancer is extremely common the world over, but it is not as common in the US. It is getting more common, though. Most liver cancer that we see in the US starts in other parts of the body and migrates to this organ. Intrahepatic bile duct cancer is a cancer that is closely related to liver cancer.

7. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: 105,000 Lives

The lymphocytes (a type of our white blood cells) are affected by this cancer. This cancer can be diagnosed by large lymph nodes, high fever and loss of weight. There are many types of this sort of cancer. It is categorized based upon whether the cancer grows quickly or slowly.

6. Leukemia: 109,000 Lives


Leukemia has several different types, but all of them are cancers of the tissues of the body that make blood. These include bone marrow and the lymphatic system. This causes your body to produce far too many abnormal white blood cells.

5. Prostate Cancer: 145,000 Lives

This is the 2nd most common cause of cancer death in males. Prostate cancer starts slowly in the prostate. Some types of prostate cancer stay in the gland itself and can be treated easily. Others can spread more quickly.

4. Pancreatic Cancer – 162,800 Lives


starts in the pancreas tissues. The pancreas helps with digestion and the regulation of metabolism. Detection is hard because this cancer progressive quietly, quickly and with few symptoms until it is too late. The five-year survivability of this cancer is among the lowest of all cancers.

3. Breast Cancer – 207,000 Lives

pink breast cancer ribbon

This is the 2nd most common cancer of women in the US. It can also happen in men; there were 2,000 cases in men from 2003-08. This cancer will usually start in the milk ducts that carry the milk to the nipple.

2. Colon and Rectal Cancer: 269,000 Lives

colon cancer


Cancer of the colon grows in the colon tissues, and rectal cancer grows in the few inches of the large intestine that is closes to the anus. Most of these cancers will start as benign clumps of cells called polyps that can become cancerous over time. It is strongly advised to get screened for polyps every few years.

1. Lung Cancer – 793,000 Lives


Lung cancer is the top cancer killer in the US. Smoking is the major cause of this terrible cancer. It usually affects people from 55-65. There are two types – non-small cell lung cancer – the most common. The other is small cell lung cancer with spreads faster.

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