Top 10 Best Ways to Last Longer in Bed for Men

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Premature ejaculation (P.E.) is a taboo. We do not talk about it as much as we should and even when we do, the discussion often comes in a humorous style, showing perplexity, embarrassment. It’s estimated that at least once in a lifetime, every single man on the planet will come face to face with the condition. To make matters worse, a survey done by Alfred Kinsey in the 1950s ended up calculating that 75% of men ejaculate within two minutes of penetration. And that’s in more than half of their encounters.

Premature ejaculation can be a matter of opinion though. Assuming Alfred Kinsey is right, two minutes may not have been a problem in the 50s, it may not have been a problem in the 60s. For some couples, it may not be a problem today. However, for some individuals, two minutes of endurance was and still is an unwanted condition, requiring care and treatment. While it’s up to each individual to define the endurance time which he or she defines as “premature” ejaculation, we can find common ground in the fact that managing to last longer than a couple of minutes can’t be a bad thing at all.

Especially considering that premature ejaculation is a deal breaker for many couples, it does have a strong impact on its victim’s psychological state and it’s almost any time, treatable. It should be noted that many men simply tolerate the condition and wait for it to fade away through time. While this may be the case with inexperienced men (the condition fades as more encounters happen), older men should take more… decisive action. Both, however, could benefit from this list of the top 10 ways to last longer in bed.

10. Ladies First!

As a gentleman, every man should know that ladies always come first. And not just when passing through doors! Embracing that truth, men can use foreplay to their advantage by helping her reach orgasm before they do and stay off the game while they’re doing so. This simple tactic, even though technically, it’s not helping a man last longer, it works wonders in making the encounter last long enough to please any woman. As a side-effect, this tactic also helps easing the psychological pressure in regards to P.E. Which, in the long term, can be very helpful in dealing with the condition overall.

9. Be done with Anxiety!

It’s very common for men to feel insecure of their performance (even though hard to admit). Thus, they are starting their encounters under pressure which can only worsen the condition. Letting anxiety go and calming down will help any man last longer in the bedroom. Some manage to do it by watching the sports channel, others by thinking of waterfalls. No matter what works per individual, it’s worth a shot.

8. Thrusting Mastery

Mastering thrusting is a great way to increase endurance while offering the female partner with some extra pleasure at the same time. Fast and long thrusting is hazardous to a man’s endurance as it increases the pressure and helps stimulating the penis, both resulting in a possible premature ejaculation. On the other hand, slow and shallow thrusts tend to increase excitement on the female partner while helping the male maintain control over ejaculation.

7. Variety Goes a Long Way

Trying various positions and monitoring performance in each one of them is another great way to improve endurance in the long term. That can be achieved by adopting the positions that prove to have the best results. This can only be done in a per individual basis as the results vary from man to man, from couple to couple. Nevertheless, it’s commonly accepted that positions in which the female partner goes on top, are ideal to maximize endurance due to the fact the male penis is less stimulated that way.

6. Thinking of Her

Mental control is very important in a man’s will to last longer in bed. To that extend, a man should stop thinking of his own arousal and orgasm and concentrate on his partner’s. The more attention payed to a man’s own orgasm the more likely it is for it to happen, sooner or later. However, a woman’s satisfaction may trigger high arousal levels to a man. In some rare cases, even higher than those triggered when concentrating on his own orgasm. Thus, each man should focus his attention on what makes him less likely to come close to ejaculating, should that be his own or his partner’s orgasm.

5. Experimenting with Masturbation

Self experimenting is another tool men have at their disposal. Getting to know their own body reactions and the stages in between erection and ejaculation will definitely help to maintain control down the road. The best way to proceed with this method is to push one’s self to the limits, understand when ejaculation is about to happen and then simply stop the process. This method is also known as the “Start and Stop Method”, often used in psychology for a great deal of conditions. Monitoring reactions during the process is vital to the method’s success. The next and final step is to apply this “self-training” to real encounters by taking a break when ejaculation is imminent. During that break, the best practice is to otherwise keep the female partner busy in order not to reduce sensation on her part too.

4. Key Exercises

These are rather uncomfortable but extremely helpful. When close to ejaculating, squeezing the tip of the penis focusing on the urethra will push blood out of the penis and thus, prevent ejaculation from occurring. Another way to go is to pull the testicles down and away from the body when ejaculation is forthcoming. Pain is also known to prolong ejaculation and helping men last longer in bed. Inflicting pain to non-sensitive parts of the body, if tolerable as a technique by the couple, can prevent ejaculation by a considerable amount of time.

3. Condoms To The Rescue!

Condoms are another asset in the battle against premature ejaculation. The so-called “Long Love” condoms come with a local anesthetic applied, usually benzocaine, that doesn’t cause vaginal irritation as opposed to usual desensitizing creams and anesthetics. This type of a condom was recently made available to a wide array of countries around the world and is said to help men last longer. Regarding condoms usage, it was once widely proposed to wear a double condom to reduce sensitivity and prolong ejaculation as a result. However, such methods are highly dangerous and may lead to unwanted pregnancy as it’s likely for the condom to slip off. Getting a doctor’s advice regarding condom usage is mandatory.

2. Distracting Thoughts

Mental control is everything. To that extend, making distracting thoughts while in an encounter goes a long way to managing to last longer in bed. Some men are easily distracted by thinking of their favorite team’s humiliating loss last night, others by bringing up job related issues, others by making disgusting or painful thoughts. The sure thing is this method works, no matter what the exact thoughts may be. Each individual is responsible for digging up his own distracting thoughts and put the method to the test. While this is a good way of temporarily losing sexual excitement and prolonging ejaculation, it does come with the cost of reduced sensation and enjoyment. For this reason alone, it should be a temporary solution to P.E. treatment, just up to a point the condition makes it self scarce.

1. Breathing Right

Believe it or not, the way we breath decisively affects how fast we ejaculate. Rapid breathing is associated with arousal and thus, it’s a number one suspect for causing premature ejaculation. To use breathing to his advantage, a man must calm down and start breathing slowly. Trying to focus his attention to proper breathing, he’s also helping himself to lose focus on the encounter itself and thus, prolong ejaculation. Synchronizing his own breath to that of his partner’s will result in both parts to enjoy the process.

Putting these tips to work will hopefully assist men suffering from P.E. to put up with the condition. If the problem persists after trying all possible self-treatments, a doctor’s advice is the best way to go. Premature ejaculation, even though it’s rare, may be caused by a past injury or hormonal disorders which require professional treatment by a specialized doctor.

Remember that searching for ways to last longer in bed isn’t something to feel shame for. Sexual health is just as important as any. Good luck and may your nights be long and full of joy and excitement.

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