10 Diet and Exercise Tips to Fight the Battle of the Bulge

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Are you ready to shed fat? Are you confused about the next step to take? Well taking a combined approach of dieting and exercising helps you shed weight at a quicker pace. Following a singular strategy of only dieting or only exercising does not create the synergistic effect that the 2 strategies produce. Dieting helps you cut calories and exercising helps you burn calories more steadily so using both approaches accelerates your weight loss fast.

Lose at Least 1 Pound Weekly to See Long Term Results

Before using practical tips set up a realistic long term weight loss goal. Aim to lose 1 pound of weight each week for slow and steady weight loss. Losing weight at a quicker pace might slow down your metabolism too quickly.

Eat Every 3 Hours to Boost Your Metabolism

Eating 3 hours helps you rev up your metabolism which creates weight loss. Your body burns calories while processing food and you will also remain satiated by eating every 3 hours, helping you curb the urge to overeat.

Consume Small Meals to Shed Weight More Quickly

Each meal should be about the size of the average hand so that you avoid overeating and under eating too. Combine a carbohydrate, protein and fat source with as many meals as possible to balance out your diet and boost your metabolism.

Drink at Least Eight 8 oz Glasses of Water Daily

Drinking water helps you feel full which reduces the urge to overeat and water also helps you cool off during your waters. H2O also clears your system of impurities, helping you feel better during your diet and weight loss campaign. Dehydration can also be mistaken for hunger as well as slow down metabolism.

Set up a Cheat Meal

Eating a high calorie or fatty meal once per week can help you avoid diet burnout and this influx of calories can also boost your metabolism. Eat reasonable portion sizes and you will be OK.

Hang with Support Groups

Find and join weight loss support groups on sites like Facebook to remain motivated when times get tough.

Exercise 30 Minutes Daily for 5 Days Each Week

Exercising helps you burn more calories and also boosts your cardiovascular health. Run, walk or jog for 30 minutes, 5 days per week to rev up your metabolic engine, burn more calories and shed fat.

Train with Free Weights 3 Times Weekly to Shed Weight

Training with free weights provides you with an intense calorie-burning workout. Free weight training also helps you maintain your muscle mass, and establishing a favorable muscle mass to body weight ratio helps boost your metabolism and shed fat.

Take the Stairs instead of the Elevator

Taking the stairs at your local mall helps you burn a few more calories and every calorie burned counts in this game. Also walk to locations close to your home and take short exercise breaks during your work day to keep burning calories throughout the day.

Enjoy the Ride

Many people quit on their diet and exercise program because they hate working out or eating healthy foods. Keep your overall health in mind. Eating carrots and apples instead of candy bars each day helps you live a few more years, and you will also be happier when you are slim, trim and looking good. Your health matters most. Sacrifice a few minutes of your day to lose weight, whip yourself in shape and you will feel great about it in the long run.

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