Top 10: Dating Tips to Avoid Going Dutch

Sapphire July 7, 2009 2

Have you ever been on a date that you really did not want to pay for? Or a date where going dutch, splitting the bill, was equally lame?

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Top 5: Ways for Girls To Avoid Paying for a Date

  1. At the end of dessert, head to the bathroom to ‘freshen up.’
  2. Don’t carry your credit cards or cash on you.  This is really important to carry a small purse or no purse at all.
  3. Say to him, “I love gentlemanly men like yourself.  You hold the door open, let a woman order first, take her out to the movies. I miss those old-fashioned values.”
  4. Wear a very sexy outfit. The more your date stares at your, the less likely he will ask you to pay for anything. And if you sense hesitation, just bend over a bit.
  5. Tell him, “I will cover the next date!!”   And if you never have the second date, even better. If you have that second date, you can try going dutch to cut the costs down.


Top 5: Ways for Guys To Avoid Paying for a Date:

  1. Tell her, “It’s so refreshing to meet a woman who likes to be independent and go at things her own way.”   When the check arrives wait some minutes before opening it.  If she does not get it, sweetly tell her, that you thought independence was related to financial freedom too.
  2. This works if you arrived to the restaurant separately:  go to the car to get something and never come back.
  3. You can also say, “Well when you fall in love with me, I’ll be pondering if its because of me or the money if I pay tonight.”
  4. Carry a credit card that is not widely accepted;  Maestro is usually the best option.  Go ahead and make the effort to pay, but when the waitress comes back with the bad news, ask your date to cover for you.  Act very embarrassed too.
  5. Or this, “Wow! You’re not going to take the opportunity here to show you’re not like all the other girls and pay???”


  1. meg March 5, 2010 at 9:13 am -

    the second article is stupid. those tips will never work. theyll work if you want to be branded as a cheapskate

  2. wmmattler May 6, 2010 at 12:05 pm -

    I think they would work if you add in rule #6: Don’t date chicks from your own town.