Top 10: Animal Attacks at the Zoo

Stuart Inamura September 9, 2015 4

The reason for this list is not to ridicule the victims of these tragic, while foolish, bear and tiger attacks. The reason for this list is simply to argue that animals are not meant to be kept captive. Not even for educative purposes. These are just a fraction of the true number of people killed and injured at the Zoo.

Fuzhou, China

In September 2007, a visitor to the Fuzhou Zoo was taking pictures of Assamese macaques when one of the monkeys grabbed his phone and began chewing it. The man climbed over the railing to get his phone back and was scratched by three enraged monkeys.

Beijing, China

In January 2009, a visitor at the Beijing Zoo jumped over a barrier to retrieve a toy dropped by his son. Instead of getting the toy, he got attacked by a 240 pound panda named Gu Gu, who bit his legs and refused to let go. Apparently this cuddly panda has developed a taste for human flesh, as it has previously attacked two other humans.

Kiev, Ukraine

In July 2008, a visitor at the Mykolaev city zoo was trying to take some close-up pictures of the Siberian Brown bears. The visibly intoxicated man lost his footing and fell into the enclosure. He was promptly attacked by three bears, who ripped him apart, killing him.

San Francisco, California

On Christmas 2007, four visitors to the San Francisco Zoo were seen taunting a 243-pound Siberian tiger named Tatiana. Less than an hour later, the tiger escaped from her enclosure and attacked three of her agitators, killing one of them. It is unclear how the tiger escaped and there is suspicion that it was aided by humans.

Calgary, Canada

In October 2009, two drunken men snuck into the Calgary Zoo at one in the morning to surprise a friend working there. They climbed over a safety fence and approached the tiger cage. One of the men was mauled and severely injured by a Siberian tiger named Vitali. Their friend was no doubt surprised, not by their visit, but at how stupid they are.

Guwahati, India

In December 2009, a visitor at the Guwahati Zoo jumped over a barrier to get an up-close shot of the tigers on his cell phone. Although there were bars separating the man from the tigers, one tiger managed to rip off the man’s hand and another tiger soon joined in on the attack. It seems these tigers were quite camera-shy, as their would-be photographer was later pronounced dead.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin

In March 2010, a woman ignored barriers and warning signs and approached two bears, intending to feed them. While humans enjoy chicken fingers, apparently bears prefer human fingers, and one bear bit off her thumb and forefinger and partially severed her middle and ring fingers.

Hyderabad, India

Along with driving, operating heavy machinery, and calling your grandma, add “feeding large carnivorous felines” to the list of things that don’t mix well with alcohol. In August 2009, a drunk man snuck into the Nehru Zoological Park after visiting hours. He approached a white tiger, with grass in hand, and tried to feed it through the bars. The tiger found his arm much more appealing and mauled him, ripping a great deal of flesh off of his right arm.

Berlin, Germany

Desiring to play with the animals, a woman jumped into an animal enclosure at the Berlin Zoo in April, 2009. She soon learned that polar bears, the world’s largest land carnivores, don’t make good playmates, as the polar bears bit her several times, severely injuring her.

Kiev, Ukraine

It seems lions hate having religion shoved down their throats just as much as humans do. In June 2006, a man climbed into the lion enclosure at the Kiev Zoo, ranting about God and how he would not be killed by the lions. One lion disagreed and seized him at the throat, killing him.

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  1. Richa September 1, 2011 at 10:13 pm -

    Scary but true. These animals are captive hence furious, they are suppose to be in Jungles..

  2. Bobjon September 16, 2012 at 9:40 am -

    This list is supposed to convince people that animals should never be kept in captivity even for science? Over half the people injured were doing something stupid and drunk. This article doesn’t make me feel animals should be in captivity anymore than it makes me feel people shouldn’t own dogs. Not even to learn from? This is single tracked thinking I’d expect from an elementary student. It’s almost as ignorant as saying we should abolish cars because people get into car accidents (except a lot more of those incidents are fatal compared to zoo incidents).

    • Jennifer November 7, 2012 at 8:56 pm -

      I agree with BobJon! This article only proves how stupid PEOPLE are… it shows nothing negative about the animals. The San Fancisco incident is the most upsetting. That poor tiger escaped because of 4 drunken idiots crossing the barrier, taunting, and throwing things at her. I don’t blame her one bit for what she did to them… yet she ended up losing her life which angers me greatly! Not to mention that the 3 idiots who surivived got paid $900,000 from the zoo for their injuries!!!! PLEASE!!! They were drunk, and they DESERVED what happened to them!!!!!!

      Not ONE of the above stories mentioned were the fault of the zoo or the animals… every single incident was brought on by the people involved… they are WILD animals… and people who are stupid enough to do the things that these people did should not be allowed in zoos!!!!!

      • anon December 20, 2012 at 8:14 am -

        I don’t think animals should be kept in captivity, nature reserves are much more ethical and just as (if not more, in their natural habitat) educational. Just because they were drunk doesn’t mean they deserved it, thats a disgusting comment to make. You don’t even know these people and you say one deserved to die? Nobody deserves to die like that, thats just a horrible, sadistic thing to say.