Top 10 Great Animal Escapes

TT10 September 25, 2012 1

If you’re a human, you might be interested to discover that animals aren’t as dumb as some people might have you believe. From the super-strong to the downright sneaky, read on to be shocked and amazed at these animal escapees.

10. Contender for Weakest Tiger Escape Ever?

A tiger in a Honalulu zoo escaped when the tiger protocol went wrong (ie the zookeeper forgot to lock the cage). The tiger made a mad break for freedom – and then got an attack of lazyitis and walked back to the safety of another cage., which was promptly locked behind her.


9. Panda-monium!

Sorry, that title was cheesy. This is brilliant though: two pandas, in love, decide they want to ‘go native’ and elope into the sunset, using a cunning distraction technique to escape from their Chinese zoo. They should really make this into a Disney film.

8. Photo-Shark Mega-Hoax

Sneaky trickster Jamie King made everyone believe a shark escape had taken place at the Kuwait Scientific Center, using the power of his mad photoshop skills. A prime example of why you should never believe the hype.


7. Hippo is Just a Peace Loving Hippy

A surprisingly tranquil scene – a huge hippopotamus lazes around in a flooded village like it’s a giant hippo bath; people punt past serenely and laugh at it. Maybe they don’t realise hippos have giant mouths, sharp teeth and a rep’ for being one of Africa’s most dangerous species…

6) Epic Lion Fail (Poor Camel)

Q: What do you get if you cross a rubbish zookeeper, a lion and a camel named Thomas?

A: A dead camel named Thomas.

5) “I’m Too Proud to Go Back” – Aspirational Peacock Moves Into Hotel, Gets Famous

A peacock makes a mad dash for freedom and flees Bronx Zoo to take up residence on the windowsill of a swanky hotel. Queue an over-dramatic news piece, cult following, and Broadway musical. (Just kidding about the musical). But people actually did set up Twitter accounts and pretended to be the peacock, which is sort of weird but maybe I’m just jels because they thought of it first?

4. Mandrill Escapes

Yikes – have you seen that bit in The Ring where the creepy dead girl climbs out of the well? Watch this clip of a mandrill making a mad break for freedom and play close attention at 1:20. Also, one of the best things about this video is that the crowd is just standing there enjoying the show as they watch a massive angry monkey-man scrambling towards them. Pass the popcor…aarrgghh!!

3. Gorilla Escapes Zoo to Stroll Around

Here’s a heart-warming clip of 24 yr/o Evelyn the gorilla enjoying a leisurely stroll around the (evacuated) zoo where she lives. Evelyn gets shot with a tranquilizer dart but she doesn’t give a damn – she just carries on with her epic adventure rummaging in bins and pooing on the floor. *SPOILER ALERT* There’s a sad bit at the end when the crazy monkey-anesthetizing drugs finally get the better of her and she gets re-captured by the evil zoo men.


Interesting fact: most people pronounce ‘orangutan’ with a letter ‘G’ on the end – but they’re stupid and wrong! So next time your peaceful day at the zoo is disrupted by a drug addled primate on a wrecking spree, you can amaze and inspire people with your linguistic brilliance.

1. Shark Explosion! – Sydney Aquarium

Picture this: It’s a normal day and you’re a 61-year-old Australian woman called Hazel. On this normal day, you’re paying a normal visit to a normal aquarium, admiring the beauty of nature as you gaze at a tank full of sharks. And then BOOM!!! – the glass has exploded and there’s water and sharks and blood everywhere. This scenario is the reason that our heroine, Hazel Swinden, decided to sue said aquarium. I think she may have a point.


The is article was written by Amy Maslin on behalf of Aquarium Technology

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  1. annie September 26, 2012 at 11:06 am -

    sometimes, animals act like humans and think more than a human can.

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