Top 10 GEICO Commericals

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Most of the time, we skip the ads.  I mean, we are busy people.  Who has time to watch commercials?  Every now and then, however, a company puts a little something extra into their ad campaign that makes the commercials sometimes funnier than the shows (HELLO, I Hate My Teenage Daughter).  GEICO is a company who has gone that extra mile.  Their ad campaigns are on par, humor-wise, with Old Spice and Bud Light.  I will say that Progressive really stepped up to the plate with their “Flo” ads, but GEICO has been doing it for longer.  So, here are the top 10 GEICO ads, in no particular order.  They’re all good.

10. Don LaFontaine

9. 3 Doors Down Caveman Spot

8. Squirrel Hi-Five

7. Mrs. Butterworth

6. Caveman Apology

5. Gecko Tiny Suit

4. Abe Lincoln

3. I’m So Happy

2. Woodchucks

1. Piggy

Bonus:  The First Gecko Commerical

Here are some fun facts about GEICO.  And no, this post was not sponsored by them.  We just think their ads are funny.

Warren Buffet says that over 40% of American drivers can save money if they switch to GEICO.

GEICO’s 2007 advertising budget was $751 million.

The first GEICO gecko was voiced by Kelsey Grammar.

The style of ads GEICO uses is considered “parody.”  Many people like to make parodies of parodies, and have made their own versions of GEICO commercials on YouTube.

A short list of celebrities featured in GEICO ads are James Lipton, Peter Graves, Verne Troyer, Little Richard, Charo, Burt Bacharach, Charlie Daniels, and Peter Frampton.

The radio spots are almost as good as the TV spots.

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