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People who don’t even know who the Beatles were exactly claim to love them. Do not do so would be considered sacrilege to some and necessitate the need for torches and pitchforks. Looking around the internet we spotted several “Top Fab Four” lists and found them somewhat lacking. So we made one ourselves. If you agree with us cool, if not, we invite you to submit your own favorite Beatles list.

10. Get Back

Firmly in the comfort zone of seeming like a little bit of an upscale “jam tune” this song set a precedence not often given credit for. Does this song remind you of several other groups of the era? or more accurately of several other groups that were dead on the heels of these innovators?

9. Hard Days Night

Yeah, it makes you want to do the Watusi… a lot. There’s some clever riffing involved and the harms are dead on. The premus of this song was based on one of the phrases Ringo Starr used often,”EETS been a hard day night.”

8. We Can Work It Out

Another anthem for the hippies. I can dig that man. As usual, this is the Beatles being Beatles and keeping with a new edge on the same harms. There’s just something about the Beatles that kept their style moving forward, but forever their own.

7. With a Little Help From My Friends

What would you do with ol’ LaTune? No wait, that’s not it. This was again one of those songs that was covered over and over again. A classic that could hold up by even today’s standards.

6. Daytripper

One of the most recognizable guitar riffs in rock history. This one has even been ripped of by Slash… well more accurately, it was a tip of the top hat actually. This song? Sex drugs and rock-n-roll…

5. Come Together

Another much covered Beatles tune. This one has been remade by everyone from Aerosmith to Michael Jackson. A song about a gubernatorial campaign in California in which Timothy Leary (who was running against Ronald Reagan) was eventually put in prison for possession of marijuana.

4. Hey Jude

No, not “hey Dude!” This song was written for Julian Lennon (John’s son) upon the break up of John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon, a fact that Julian didn’t discover until almost 20 years after its release. the “na na na”s at the end? VINTAGE and UNFORGETTABLE!

3. Revolution

Claimed by at least three generations and still counting. This song is all about change in a time when change at a faster than normal pace was a new thing. (It makes sense if you diagram the sentence.)

2. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Okay, it’s about drugs: bad. But the song its self exemplifies the alternative lifestyle of the day, no matter what your moral stance is on “extra curricular actives”. That, and it rocks.

1. Let It Be

As far as rock ballads that slowly build and build, raising the hairs on the back of your neck and filling you full of emotion goes, this one will do. Seriously, one of the timeless anthems of all time. In 200 years music history will include Beethoven’s 6th, Robert Schumann’s Carnaval and Let It Be.

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  1. Candace February 24, 2013 at 3:11 pm - Reply

    1) I Want You/She’s So Heavy

    2) A Day In The Life

    3) While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    4) Helter Skelter

    5) Let It Be

    6) Yesterday

    7) Oh Darling

    8) Penny Lane

    9) Revolution

    10) Strawberry Feild Forever

    They’re in no particular order, like from best to last. It’s so hard to try and pick out the best Beatles song without looking at any type of ratings, or reviews, because there were just way too many fantastic, heart touching, eye opening, soul moving songs. These ones are just some of my favorites though.

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