Top 10: Creative Super Mario Bros Theme Tributes

Sven August 24, 2010 1

When Koji Kondo created the Super Mario theme song working at Nintendo more than 20 years ago, he probably couldn’t imagine that it would become the most recognized video game medley of all time. In an interview with Kondo replies:

Of course, at the time we were working on those games, I could not have imagined that they would be played by so many people — I had no idea whatsoever. That was 20 years ago, though, so looking back on it today, I’m so very happy that we are able to reach so many people then.

So here’s our tribute list to the Super Mario theme song. Ten creative characters who’ve found alternate ways to show their love and appreciation to Koji Kondo’s timeless musical piece.

Super Mario theme song on a Piano (Blindfolded)

Playing the Marion Bros medley (overworld at least) is lesson number first when learning to play the piano. Doing it blindfolded is however a completely different matter. In this video, xaznherox4life, does just that.

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Super Mario theme song on Two Guitars

Along the lines of blindfolded piano player above, this guy didn’t either bother just learn the super mario medley on his guitar and be happy with such an achievement. ZackKim had to do it one two guitars simultaneously.

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Super Mario Theme song on a 12 String Bass Guitar

Judging by Jean Baudin’s website one can wonder if this enthusiastic bass player has ever performed to an audience consisting of others than his parents and neighbors. Let alone over 8 million strangers. But believe it or not this guy can slap the bass like no other. His Super Mario theme song tribute on a 12 string bass became and instant viral success on YouTube.

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‘Mario Flute’ by Greg Patillo

And then there’s the flute guy. Greg Patillo was granted instant celebrity on YouTube when he recorded his “Mario Flute”, playing the Super Mario Bros theme song on the flute while beatboxing. With more than 17 millions views, it is safe to say Patillo has made one unique theme song.

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Super Mario Theme song on a Ocarina

The Ocarina is an instrument (available on the iPhone) of ancient origin and is believed to first pop up in China some 12,000 years ago. Then, this flute-like instrument played an important part in song and dance. Now, some douche finds nothing more inspiring to do with it than playing the Super Mario medley. The ancient Chinese are probably turning in their graves.

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Super Mario Theme Song with a Ruler

Ruler enthusiast Kipppe seems to have devoted his life to playing different famous medley on a ruler. To the extent a ruler can be considered a musical instrument, this guy has mastered it like Mozart did the piano.

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Super Mario Theme Song with a Laser Cutter

About one year ago, Jedediah Smith showed the world that a laser cutter can be used for more creative things than cutting hard materials. Backed up by a certain hacker’s collective in Toronto, Smith managed to hack the laser engraver to play Super Mario bros. If you happen to have access to a laser cutter and feel like playing around, here’s the code.

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Beatbox Tribute

Japanese Beatboxer Hikakin shows his love to the Super Mario theme song (overworld and under). Generating over 3 million views on YouTube, Hikakin beatboxes like few others, generating both the beat and melody simultaneity. Check out this official blog here.

Super Mario Theme Song on Bottles with RC Car

A group of inventive dudes, calling themselves BadDayBusters, has come up with the genius ideas of playing famous songs and medleys using a remote controlled car and a setup of bottles filled with different volumes of water. One of their greater hits is of course the Super Mario theme song. Simply brilliant!

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Super Mario theme song on Guitar Hero 2

If you’re tired of playing the same songs over and over again on your Guitar Hero 2, there seems to be a away to create your own custom songs. According to a post by Joystick all you need is a DVD burner, a modded PS2 and a handful of hacker programs. In the clip below boxxy27 plays a very own custom song, the Super Mario theme song of course.

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