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Top 10: Wise Movie Mentors

A mentor is defined as guide or trusted adviser. So here are some of the great mentors in the movies.

10. Patches O’Houlihan

Patches was a combination of Yoda, Professor X and your average German chick; wise, in a wheelchair and a little sadistic. Without Patches though, the Average Joes team in Dodgeball would have never made it.

9. Don Deigo Del La Vega

This was the “old” guy what trained Zorro to be Zorro because at one time he was Zorro. I know it sounds confusing. If you don’t get it it’s because you didn’t watch Zorro…. see it!

8. Mickey Goldmill

Rocky’s trainer knew more about boxing and life than almost anyone. Okay, he knew a lot about boxing. As far as mentors go, he was tough and smart.

7. Morpheus

He helped Neo realize he was in The Matrix, then got him out. When it came to training our hero, Morpheus was right there. The martial arts training scene in the Matrix is one of the most memorable in recent movie history.

6. Obi-Wan Kenobe

Obi-Wan helped start Luke Skywalker down the road to becoming a Jedi in Star Wars: Episode IV. Too bad he couldn’t train Luke into not being such a bitch.

5. Chubbs Peterson

Good Ol’ Chubbs taught Happy Gilmore the finer points of golf and life, all with a wooden hand. Like many of the other mentors in this movie mentor countdown, Chubbs didn’t live to see his student succeed.

4. Agent K

Protecting the Earth from Alien immigrants, Agent K trained his own replacement in Men In Black but not well enough that he wasn’t needed for M.I.B. II. It looks like Sony will be doing a M.I.B. III with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith returning in 2011.

3. Jim Malone

In The Untouchables he was the somewhat crusty but wise force that helped Elliot Ness clean up crime. Malone turned a square boyscout into a crime fighting machine, and of course died before the end.

2. Yoda

I did not want to put Yoda in this list. Why? Because every other mentor countdown in the world has this fuzzy green muppet in it. Still, if there were ever a true example of mentoring, it would be Yoda. However, he still couldn’t stop Luke from whining like a little girl in The Empire Strikes Back.

Mr. Miyagi

“You are like a Bonzai Tree, you have very strong roots”. With every second sentence spoken by this guy being an old Okinawa saying or a Bonzai metaphor of life, Mr. Miyagi was obviously born for mentoring.

He smells better than Yoda, isn’t nearly as creepy looking, and while about the same size, is at least able to turn a whiner into not so much of a whiner. Luke’s still a wuss.

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