Top 10: Cool Guys That Don’t Look at Explosions

wmmattler January 9, 2010 2

To trigger an explosion and walk away without looking back or flinching the slightest is a talent only a handful of movie action heroes possess. When it comes to Hollywood TNT it’s simply not the bigger the better. Key is who’s blowing the stuff up and how cool he looks walking away. So for the record, here are the top ten coolest explosion walk aways Hollywood has ever seen.

10. John Malcovich – Con Air

Lesson: Never try to trick the leader during a prioner breakout. In the 1997 action movie Con Air, Cyrus The Virus (John Malcovish) realizes he’s being swindled on his ticket to freedom. What does he do? He flips a ciggarette in a pool of gasoline and walks aways as his accomplice blows up behind him. Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions!

9. Dwayne Johnson – The Rundown

Ticking off a redneck wrestler and expecting him NOT to blow up your mobile home is just stupid.

8. Denzel Washington – Man on Fire

Honestly, Denzel could be dressed like Steve Urkel, riding a tricycle with a 10 AV geeks throwing poppers onto the sidewalk behind him and still look cool. Mr. Washington shoving an explosive device up a bad guy’s tookus in Man on Fire and walking away hardly is no exception.

7. Robert Downey Jr. – Ironman

I’d say Robert Downey Jr., but really it was a CGI guy and even if it weren’t a CGI guy, you can’t prove who’s in the suit. Still, it’s the self confidence of Ironman’s facial expression multiplied by the coolness of the suit that makes this one a favorite.

6. Heath Ledger – Dark Knight

Okay, it’s not that Heath wasn’t cool or that the Joker was a bad-ass. Nope, the appeal to this one is simply that you know something is going to happen, and it does. Does the Joker care? Nope. I’ll bet the people in the hospital did though.

5. Robocop

Again with the robot-types you say? Oh well, even thought the plots often are poor, some of the acting sub-par, the explosions are always first class. And so is their facial expressions.

4. Micheal Madsen – Hell Ride

Proving once again that if you cross the wrong people they will blow up your mobile home, Micheal Madsen, does it as good as anyone. Why does he get credit for this? Because sometime looking cool means not looking like you are trying to look cool. Madsen IS cool. Does anyone understand all of this? Probably just the cool people.

3. Javier Bardin – No Country for Old Men

He’s a Mexican hit man on a mission to find $2 million and has no time for cops, bystanders or watching things blow up. Obviously an over achiever at the orphanage, this guy is driven and way too good at what he does: wreaking havoc!

2. Hugh Jackman – X Men Origins

After being tricked into the “worst pain ever”, injected with a space alloy and escaping naked, the guy blows up a helicopter. I made coffee this morning and looked more upset than Wolverine does.

1. Antonio Banderas – Desperado

A word of advice to everyone, if a guy shows up in your town with a guitar case and no guitar, leave him alone. He will shoot everyone, steal Selma Hayek and blow up your house then walk away. Why? Because he can.

Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions [Video]

SNL’s Andy Samberg with Will Ferrell did a tribute video for the MTV Movie Awards 2009, and it would be wrong not to include it here.


  1. Kelsey May 8, 2010 at 11:13 pm -

    don’t know ho created this list but your very wrong with the # 9. DWAYNE JOHNSON – WALKING TALL. the pic you posted is not from walking tall but from the movie “The Rundown” also starring Seann William Scott.

    • wmmattler May 9, 2010 at 8:20 am -

      And with an appearance by Ernie Reyes Jr. (Who was also the martial arts coordinator on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie(s)) Good eye Kelsey. However, the trailer thing was just too funny to pass up.
      “Very wrong?” Is that anything like “sorta pregnant”?