Top 10: Best Romance Movies

LeTune March 28, 2009 5

Watching a true romantic movie is a pure feel good experience. Love is a story that escapes no one, evoking the strongest of emotions. And despite our hardest tries happy endings are rewarded to a lucky few. In this top list I have included the most heart-breaking, beautiful and best romantic movies.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire is the feel good movie of 2008, the most recent film to the category of romantic movies in this toplist. Taking place in a modern India this movie tells a story of a misunfortunate boy who get’s the chance of his life in a tv show. But when answering all the questions right he is suspected of cheating and is arrested.

Slumdog Millionaire received 8 Oscars and once and for all brought Bollywood to Hollywood.

9. Notting Hill


Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in a English boy meets American girl romantic movie. The cozy London neighborhood of Notting Hill is the home of a barescraping book store owner with a unusual room mate and loving family. One day he bumps into a girl who just happens to be a very famous American actress. His modesty and her fame and beauty seems a perfect match until the real life comes knocking at the door.

8. Pretty Woman


The story of a rich investment banker and a LA hooker may in plain words seem like a tacky attempt of a movie scripts. However, on film Pretty Woman tells a tale of love, loneliness and inspiring romance. Impossible love always touches the hearts of us softees.

7. An Officer and a Gentleman


Richard Gere yet again in a role of a confused youngster who looks to the military, airforce, for answers. Being a lonewolf with a bad attidude does not make him popular on the base. But then he meets this charming, beautiful, naive and local factory worker girl.

6. Dirty Dancing

A cult movie like no other. Dancing, Patrick Swayze and Baby in a corner. All the ingredients for a passionate romantic movie. Dirty Dancing is the movie where innocent surburbian girl meets roughed up dancing teacher and their two opposite worlds collide in an explosion of dance and love love love.

5. The Bridges of Madison County

Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood, a bit younger and lustful, these two extraordinary actors paint this story of a frustrated and isolated housewife who falls in love with a recent town visitors. Again feeling the passion of love, Streep’s character is torn by the obligations of her family and guilt of leaving her kind but plain husband. Her choice materializes the situation for many married people where duty and loyalty gradually has replaced love.

4. Singing in the Rain


A classic. I say no more.

3. The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain – Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

Amelie is a wonderfully unique girl who besides helping her surrounding to fulfill its destiny is secretely in love with a mystery man. This film not only has one of the best soundtracks but takes its audience on a beautiful journey of Amelie Poulain in her search for love and true destiny.

2. La Vita è bella

Italy is at halt by the Nazi regime and in one little town the affects are already starting to show. But for the over optimistic jew Guido life could not be better. Deeply in love with his wife Dora, who is not jewish, and a son that could light up even the darkest nights, Guido has a view on life that is brilliantly colored with humor and optimism.

One day however, Guido, Dora and their son are transported to a working camp where Dora and Guido are separated and he has to convince his son that it is all a game. Humor, love, the bitterness of history, makes La Vita e Bella a movie that not only contains of romance but proof of how wonderful and horrible the human race really can be.

1. Casablanca

Another classic and a natural choice for top placement


  1. Lyndsay Waggs July 26, 2010 at 7:46 am -

    I am bias, but I would have to throw Mint Julep on here as well. (2010)

    It features James Gandolfini and David Morse, and showcases an amazing performance by the lead actress, Angelica Torn.

    Here’s a funny clip I found online from a dream sequence….none of the above have a scene to compete with this breakfast of champions!!! hahha

  2. Richa September 1, 2011 at 10:24 pm -

    Pretty Women and Notting Hills stand out for me. I just love them and cant watch it zillion times, what abt PS I love you, its yet another amazing love story

  3. Richa September 1, 2011 at 10:26 pm -

    Pretty Women and Notting Hills stand out for me. I just love them and can watch it zillion times, what about PS I love you, its yet another amazing love story

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