Top 10 PC Games Ever

Joseph Pickett May 1, 2012 1

Many people play more video games on consoles these days than on computers, but there is no doubt that there have been some amazing games on PCs in the last 20 years or so. Our best 10 are listed below.

10. Age of Empires 2 – 1999

age of empires 2

Historical games were very big in the 1990s and early 2000s, and this one was probably the best. The game was programmed with so many interesting advantages and disadvantages of the various civilizations, the possibilities were endless for gaming fun. The series has evolved a lot since then but none of the games were ever better than this one.

9. Half Life 2 – 2004

half life 2

The first person shooter game has been with us since the early 1990s, but many people think that it really came into its own with the first Half Life. The second game, amazingly, was even a bit better than the first. You were able to run around City 17 and just run and gun, or you could engage in vehicle battles, or have to deal with several puzzles that tested your brain power.

8. Simcity 2000 – 1993

sim city 2000

SimCity 2000 gives you the power to create your own little utopia and to create a little city of the future all your own. You could use it to create a city with more and more services that would make it very attractive to people to move there, and then watch as the city slowly fell apart because of overpopulation, too much money being spent and not enough tax dollars coming in….pretty soon the whole thing could go boom if you wanted it to, and it was so much fun! You also could responsibly manage your city if you wanted to, but what’s the fun in that?

7. Starcraft – 1998


Starcraft is still one of the most popular real time strategy (RTS) games ever. The game is still played online all over the world. The game created three completely different factions in just about all forms you can think of. What was so amazing about this game was that the programmers were able to create a number of checks and balances so that none of the races in the game were much better than the others. The great balance of the game made it very addictive.

6. Fallout – 1997


Fallout had just about everything you want in a game: characters you can believe in, high quality narrative, and the ability for the players to really have an effect on how the game played out. The game was ground breaking because it really allowed you to utilize free will. The world was very deep and vivid and the character development was outstanding.

5. Rome: Total War – 2004

rome total war

This game has some of the most polished, and deep play of any game we ever saw on the PC. The game has an almost 4D style and real time battle sequences that are amazing. There is so much content to the game that is historically accurate and deep, it takes several times through the game to really soak it all in. The AI was always a great opponent and it used good tactics on the battlefield. There even were siege battles and amazing sound. It is almost impossible to stop playing once you start.

4. Battlefield 1942 – 2002

battlefield 1942


This game was so addictive you probably need to have therapy groups to help you get out of its clutches. Some people would start playing this game after work on Friday afternoon and discover that it was Saturday morning the next time they looked up from the computer. This game is the ideal blend of action and role playing and strategy across big maps that have all kinds of guns and vehicles to create mayhem.

3. Star Wars TIE Fighter – 1994

tie fighter

Space combat games are not so big anymore; we have moved on to other things, but this game had some kick ass flight mechanics and a mission design that was second to none. The great thing about this game was that it gave you the chance to be the villain for once and not the hero, and that’s just more fun is it not? This game had great graphics and sound for the era, and nothing has come close to this game in its category since.

2. Civilization IV – 2005


There were several Civilization games, and we have to have one of them in this list; it was simply deciding which one to include. Many people think that Civilization II was the best, but this version includes great improvements, such as the damage system and also when they decided to include religion. This game was the most addictive in its category.

1. X Com – 1994

x com

Yeah we know – what the heck is this game? It’s just one of the best strategy games ever made for the PC, or for any system that ever existed really. You are in charge of defending the world against aliens, and this game has a combination of combat, role playing, research and general terror that you have to experience to appreciate.

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  1. sean August 29, 2012 at 10:14 pm -

    lol u dont have diablo (or diablo 2) OR counterstrike?
    lacking those 2 games is pathetic.