Top 10: Epic Engrish Sign Fails

wmmattler February 2, 2010 Comments Off

In the interest of furthering our global economy and promoting peace and the greater good we present these signs and public announcements, obviously made by someone struggling with the Engligh language. It is our hope to bring harmony to the international community…. or at least have a couple of good laughs at some stranger’s expense.

10. Worse Living Through Chemistry

Taking the place of a bad relationship is the anti-horniness in a bottle. usually I can figure out what they mean through the veil of bad engrish, but this time? I have no idea.

9. Non-Farting Sign

It’s okay to smoke, but not to pass gas. Apparently the act of doing so can cause blindness in others. This explains why my wife still thinks I’m attractive…

8. Hostage House

What I can’t figure out about this one is where this place is exactly? To me, the font and style reminds me of an International House of Pancakes. I’ve felt like a hostage there before.

7. An Honest Tip

For those of us who sometimes forget our manners, this cautionary sticker reminds us not to kill children. Please remind those around you of this and perhaps we can improve child/murderer relations around the globe. What the heck?

6. Pegulations about Dishonest Trick

If they mess it up twice do they just get one spot? I guess so. Anyway be careful of no dishonest trick. Or at least be prepared for it. You will be if you this sign heed.

5. Let’s Brushing!

Despite how crazy and wrong the English is on this entry, it still makes me happy. When I wake up every morning from now on I think the first words out of my mouth will be “Ret’s Brushing!” Seriously, how can you not smile?

4.  Boyscout Motto Fail

I get the intent, but I’m wondering how I should go about avoiding being stolen? I not want stolen being to safety for danger time. What?!? If we reverse translate that, I’m pretty sure I just ordered a hot dog.

3. Shocking!

A nice shock, for those of us not into heavy S&M this one might seem a little silly. For those who are into a nice shock- well I’m not here to judge you. No really……

2.  A Stern Warning

I’m not so sure this really even qualifies as an Engrish fail or even a sign fail. I have no idea where this bat lives, but I can promise you just reading their sign makes me want to turn it up to 11.

1. San Fransisco (Chinatown)

There is no way in hell I am going into that locker room. Seriously, I’m open minded, but that skirt looks way too short for me. What is the deal with the hanger?

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