Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas To Get Your Boyfriend

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Christmas is coming up and in the true spirit of the holiday we thought we’d help you in finding unique, cool and inexpensive Xmas gifts. Every year it’s getting harder and harder to get your girl/boyfriend and close ones something that you will enjoy giving and they happy of getting. Here are the top 10 Christmas gifts of 2008 that will make you look like Santa Claus himself. Some of these I’m giving away myself 😉

1. The new iPod Nano (4th Generation)

The updated, refreshed and cheaper Ipod Nano is what anybody wants. Teenager, parents, sister, brother, boyfriend and girlfriend. Apple’s little mp3 –and mediaplayer was released earlier this year in 9 different colors and 2 different sizes – 8GB or 16GB. Sold from $149 the Ipod Nano is a gift that fits anybody’s Xmas budget. I’m getting one for my girlfriend (in Pink 😉 and she will totally flip.

Sold at for $169.97

2. Nintendo Wii with cool video games

Nintendo Wii is the fastest selling video game worldwide. With games like Wii Fit, Guitar Hero 3 – Rock Legends and Rock Band, Nintendo Wii is a game for the whole family. Work out, play golf, be a rock star and much more with Wii’s innovative consoles.

Sold at

3. The iPhone 3G

The first iPhone was launched into the mobile phone market in USA and selected parts of the rest of the world some time in 2007. It then offered the first dynamic touch screen cell phone, not only to an affordable price, but including a media player and a bunch of other cool features. The first iPhone sold out and came to dominate the cell phone market overnight. The new iPhone that was released this year still has all the cool functions and design that makes it the most popular cell phone at the moment. Additional feature is the 3G connections that allows users better reception and Internet access whenever, wherever.

4. Digital Photo Frame

The new favorite gift in the tech-category is, hands down, the digital photo frame. Rather than having a dusty photo decorating your apartment/house, with a digital photo frame you can have a slideshow of numerous photos in one photo frame. A perfect gift.

Sold at for for $62.99

5. A Bonsai Tree lists the Bonzai Tree in the gift category “For someone who has everything”. A Bonsai Tree is both decorative and intellectual with a unique form and shape. If you want to give something unexpected, a bonsai tree is perfect.

Sold at for $30.00

6. Experience Gifts

Products and things for Xmas gifts year after year? Why not give away an unforgettable experience. Sky diving, Air combat, Dinner Cruises, Surfing lessons, Spa treatment and much much more.

Sold and presented nationwide at

7. Interactive R2D2 robot

Giving away a dog puppy to your close one in need of companionship can be hard due to allergies, living situation etc. So why not give away a communicative robot instead. Better yet a robot he/she surely knows already. Stars War’s own R2D2 robot will interact and keep your lonely friends company.

Sold at for $89.99

8. Eyeclops Nightvision

Every boy’s/man’s dream. The toy that makes the night so much more fun. Almost gives you super-powers.

Sold at for $53.99

9. Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Box Set

The hot new and popular Tv-series about Sookie Stackhouse in a vampire nested and humid small southern American town, Tru Blood, is based on the books Sookie Stackhouse by author Charlaine Harris. Seeing as the new season of Tru Blood isn’t being aired on TV until summer next year, this is a perfect gift to fill your friends need for Tru Blood.

Sold at for $31.88

10. AK Rock Box Gaming and Storage Ottoman with Drum Lift (Dark Brown)

A perfect piece of furniture that stores a large number of items. Great for video wireless controllers, games etc. that easily can be left lying around on the floor.

Sold at for $149.99

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    Nothing can be cooler this Christmas than a figurine of your self. Available at orders may be closed for the season by now.

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    its all shit loves wat makes christmas when will u learn peop;e

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    thank for great ideas