10 Tips to Improve Your Concentration in the Classroom

kelli January 25, 2013 Comments Off on 10 Tips to Improve Your Concentration in the Classroom

1389749_bookAre you ready to improve your focus in the classroom? By shifting your concentration you can more easily retain your lessons and of course improve your grades in a jiffy. Powering up your attention span does wonders for your studies so put in the time to improve your focus and you can do wonderful things for your academic career.

Tip 1 – Meditate More to Focus Better

Meditating helps you shift your focus fast. Imagine if you could move your concentration at will? Well meditating helps you move your awareness and shift your concentration inside or outside of the classroom. Sit in a quiet spot for about 15 minutes daily. Watch your thoughts and feelings. Focus on your breathing and when your attention drifts note the shift and then move your attention back to your breathing. This expands your awareness and improves your concentration in school.

Tip 2 – Rest More to Rock it Out in Class

Resting at least 8 hours each night helps you focus more easily on your study lessons. Get 7 hours minimum and if you can get 9 or more, more power to you. Resting helps you recharge your batteries and improves your focus too.

Tip 3 – Sit Closer to Your Teacher to Become a Better Listener

Simply sitting closer to your teacher will help improve your concentration quickly as you will be able to focus on the lectures being presented with greater ease. As you focus and retain these lessons you will naturally gain confidence in your ability to concentrate.

Tip 4 – Study the Top Students and Get Tips

Good students usually have excellent concentrating power. Observe these individuals and be sure to ask for helpful tips to improve your focus. Move your ego aside and start asking!

Tip 5 – Practice Studying at Home with Zero Distractions

Some make the silly mistake of studying with the TV or radio on, which of course divides their attention. This is a no-no. Practice focusing only on your homework and you will develop the habit of concentrating more effectively in the classroom too.

Tip 6 – Get on Purpose to Focus More Effectively

If you are planning to improve your focus then you better remember why it is that you are studying in the first place. Maybe you are going back to school to get a raise, or to start a home business, or perhaps you are going to simply get your diploma to expand your horizons by going to college. In either case you need to remember why you are studying to motivate yourself, and this motivation forces you to concentrate harder.

Tip 7 – Sit Next to Serious Students

Your focus improves when you are in a serious, focused environment. Do not sit by people who are lazy, or terrible students, as these folks tend to chat, or drift off, putting out a negative, low energy vibe. Put yourself around serious students to improve your focus.

Tip 8 – Take a Deep Breath and Zero In

Your life follows your breathing so when you take a slow, deep breath, your mind, thoughts and heck, whole life slow down, and you are able to focus more effectively.

Tip 9 – Watch Your Posture

Slumping kills alertness, sitting up straight increases your alertness and focus. Sit up and pay attention.

Tip 10 – Choose the Right Major

Yes this one is for college students, but if you choose the right major you will generate strong interest in your course load and will naturally focus in on your studies in the classroom. Quick and easy way to boost your concentration.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on how to be successful with your studies; if you are interested in attending school online, the options are ever expanding with majors ranging from  healthcare administration MBA  to the international business MBA.

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