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Sunday Summary #1

Going on its third year, with almost 200 lists made, Totally Top 10 has gone from a small blog to a trusted destination for visitors to feed their hunger for odd, interesting and funny top ten lists. So I thought now would be a good time to start a little tradition. Every second Sunday or so I’ll be publishing a summary post of ten recent and popular lists. Starting off, here’s a ten of our archived favorites.

To avoid missing out on these list summaries do the following:

Top 10: Wacky Geo-ingineering Ideas to Save Our Planet

As the climate is changing, our glaciers melting and animals going extinct, it might seem like we are passively letting it happen. The damage has been done. There’s nothing we can do to stop the coming ice age or the 2012 apocalypse as foreseen by the Mayans. Wrong, there are a lot of people doing a lot of things to save our environment. Normal folk leave their SUVs at home and take the bus to work and recycle on a regular basis. The weird invent a fart tank for their cows to decrease the carbon exhaust to the atmosphere. This list salutes ten such unususal inventions – a science concept known as Geo-engineering.

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Top 10: Not Totally OK Ways We Remember The Titanic

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On Monday June 1st 2009 the last living survivor of Titanic, Millvina Dean died at the age of 97. The following day I sat down to write a list in her memory. Initially I didn’t know what to fill the list with, but as browsed around the web for inspiration I soon discovered a commercial niche of products and marketing campaigns that quite frankly ridiculed the tragedy of RMS Titanic, that took the lives of 1,517 people. So I dedicated the list to expose such questionable products and campaigns to the public eye. Probably one of few lists on this blog with such pure intentions :).

Top 10: Funniest Photoshop Fails

At one point this list got picked up by the “cool” feed in Google Reader, which generated the biggest spiked in traffic I’ve ever seen (close to 60,000 over a couple of hours). People love Photoshop, but what they love more, seemingly, is the prospect of reading a list consisting of people that so obviously suck at it.

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Top 10: Coolest Lego Creations

Much like the Etch A Sketch, Lego is enjoyed by as many grown-ups as kids, and far more creatively so. What can be made by this danish construction toy is amazing and this list shows some of the more mind-blowing crafts.

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Top 10: Graduated Gangstas

In the music industry, and particularly the rap/hip hop genre, image is everything. And when Gangster Hip Hop boomed in the 90s, innocence and childhood was quickly re-prioritized for fame and fortune. But no matter how deep you bury it, the past always has a way of finding its way back to the light.

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Top 10: Weirdest Looking Emo Kids

This list contains of all kinds of subcultural styles, only a few being original emo kids. Still, teenagers with such obvious parental and authoritative issues deserve their time in the limelight. So forgive me if I confuse one angry kid for another angry kid. Why so serious?

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Top 10: Epic Facebook Fails

It all started when parents decided they too should enroll. Introducing a generation that still uses IE as default browser on their computers to an online social media such as Facebook is a recipe for disaster. In their defense this list exhibits fails by people in all ages.

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Top 10: Last Pictures Taken

Inspired by the original list at ListVerse these pictures of ten famous people were the last ever taken before their deaths. Steve Irwin, Elvis, Hitler. Listing the last made documentation of a person’s existence was tragic yet a fascinating experience.

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Top 10: Creative Super Mario Bros Theme Tributes

On to a more cheerful list, this one I made after finding my old Nintendo in the basement and spending hours on YouTube down memory lane. Super Mario Bros is perhaps still the #1 most popular video game of all time, with it signature theme song hummed by a whole generation. And over the +20 years that has gone by since the first game release, Super Mario theme song tributes has gone from impressive to almost creatively absurd.

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Top 10: Deadliest Places to Swim

The editorial team at AOL Travel News did us the grand favor of listing ten vacating spots where swimming is unadvised. Assuming a lot of our readers are avid travelers with swimming tendencies, it was our duty to pass on the information.

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