Top 10: Pictures of Crazy Goats

LeTune August 14, 2010 1

What’s so funny about goats? Their squared gaze and endless shewing? How they can be found at the most remote places without a clue of how they got there? Along with cats, goats have become the web’s own favorite animal. And while Lolcats will have to wait for a list of its own, it’s about time we dedicated one for the goat and all the crazy things this animal seems to come up with.

Cliff Hanger Goat

Bouldering Goat

Goats on Route 66

Goat on Top of the World

Goat in Revolt

Suicidal Goat

Goats with Monkey-Complex

Mountain Licking Goats

Goat Who Forgot his Glasses on the Other Side

Goat Leaning Against the Wind

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  1. A.Oscar October 12, 2011 at 9:05 am -

    I knew the Goats are a good climbing type of animals: in circus too, but the way I saw very dangers, only fall once. In Canada we have them too, but climbing trees not that easy to small. Pictures are marvelous A.Oscar

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