Top 10: Outstanding Demotivational Posters

Andrianq April 21, 2010 Comments Off

Like Lolcats and Kanye West, demotivational posters boomed online a while back. This viral phenomenon has since then reproduced and now come by the thousands. A good place to visit for daily demotivational poster updates is Here are our ten hand-picked favorites.

10. WTF?! – Sometime words are just not enough

9. OMG! – She’s not wearing a seatbelt!

8. Heaps of Skanky Tail – That’s What

7. America – Always gets the last word

6. Scarface School Play – Fudge you Motherfudger

5. Realization – That horrible moment when you know you just screwed yourself and there´s not a damned thing you can do about it.

4. Enthusiasm – Sometimes it just doesn’t suit the occasion

3. SHHHH – be vewwwwwy quit

2. Have You Ever Been So Angry – That you started swinging a cactus?

1. Terrorists – They’re So Silly

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