Top 10: Odd Facts in Creative Charts

LeTune September 18, 2015 1

Faith and Poverty

The correlation between faith and poverty is oddly strong in the world, as this chart points out. With the U.S as a notable exception. So the conclusion is: The poorer you are the more religious you are, unless you’re American in case you believe in God no matter financial status.

Map: Online Communities

Communities rise and fall, and total membership numbers are no longer a good measure of a community’s current size and health. This updated map uses size to represent total social activity in a community – that is, how much talking, playing, sharing, or other socializing happens there. By xkcd.

Music Preference by Gender

During an internship at, Joachim Van Herwegen explored the available data to see how listening preferences varied from gender and age. But rather than putting together a lame graph in excel his finalized his research with what looks like one big tag cluster. Visually pleasing indeed. Thanks Joachim!

Emotional Cities – How are you today?

A project that measures a mood of the city population and displays it as a chart of light on the side of a building. In Stockholm, Sweden this has become reality through the initiative Emotional Cities. Anyone can enter the website and answer how he or she feels today on a five colored scale. The daily result is then projected on four of the five Hötorg-buildings in the color that represents the mood most city citizens are in.

Rap and Beer

Two graphics mapping out the origin and influences of beer and rap names. Courtesy of Pop Chart Lab.

Swear Word Modifiers

Webcomic xkcd is a frequent contributor of not only sarcastic comic strips but also the occasional informative graphic. This one is based on Google hits and measured frequency with which various adjectives are intensified with obscenities.

Research Areas of Mad Scientists

Since Mary Shelley created Frankenstein just about 200 years ago, science fiction has seen its fare share of mad scientists running all kinds of crazy projects. Annalee Newitz @ io9 has done sci-fi nuts all over the world the favor of finding out what kind of research these mad scientists been doing over the years.

Marijuana Price Map

Ever wonder if your dealer’s pricing is just? Not to worry, Paul Kedrosky over at Infectious Greed has gathered all the data on a Google Maps overlay for you to ponder when sky high.

Men’s waistlines by brand

God knows how self-conscious men are about their waistlines.  Here are ten clothing brands that have steeped to a new low by tricking its male consumers into thinking their slimmer than they actually are. Just outrageous.

Can We Date?

Love is a hard thing to predict. But has solved a small piece of the mystery that is love. When asked by a reader if it was OK to date  his brother’s wife’s cousin an amusing flow chart was created.

Beer Consumption

According to this chart, published in The Economist, China consumes the most brewski in the world.

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