Top 10 Animal Attacks Caught on Video

September 13, 2011 4

Being a nation of animal lovers, we often underestimate the power of nature. Brought up with domesticated, tame house pets, the true unpredictability and uncompromising nature of wild animals is seldom taken into account when we are face to face with them in zoos or in sanctuaries.

Even the most cuddly looking animal can turn nasty at the drop of a hat. Most wild animals don’t see humans as prey but if we are perceived as a threat to their territory or their young, they will strike without a moment’s notice. These attacks are rare but when they do happen they can be fatal, here are ten amazing survival stories from tourists who’ve taken a walk on the wild side, suffered animal attacks,  and lived to tell the tale…

**editor note – TotallyTop10 does not in any way advocate animal cruelty.  To learn more about how to stop animal cruelty go here to find a list of organizations you can help.

Polar Bears Attack, Berlin

A 32 year old German woman felt the full wrath of a number of Polar bears when she inexplicably forced her way into their enclosure at Berlin Zoo. After being severely mauled, the woman was only saved by the quick thinking of the zoo keepers who distracted the bears while they dragged her to safety.

Marlin Attacks Fisherman, Panama

On the back of fishing boat Stephen Shilter is on a fishing trip with a difference in Pinas Bay, Panama withh is father and sister. They are lucky enough to encounter the fish they’re looking for but Stephen’s luck runs out as the elusive Black Marlin writhes from the depths and spears him in the mouth with its 3 ft bill. Stephen was lucky to survive, the bill scratched his throat and pierced the side of his cheek, but his injuries could have been far worse.

Nurse Shark Attack on Video, Florida

Kiss of death doesn’t begin to describe this one. Professional diver Dave Marcell leads on exhibition in Key Largo, Florida to see Nurse Sharks in their natural habitat. Their docile demeanor doesn’t hold true this time for Dave however who puckers up to kiss the Shark, only to received powerful bite which leaves his top lip in tatters.

Horse Attacks Man on Video, India

This is about as far from the horse whisper as you can get, the victim in the video is initially the stallion who is being treated with great disrespect by his owner. The tables soon turn however when the horse turns on his tormentor, biting his neck and kicking him on the floor with his powerful hind legs. After exacting its revenge the horse trots off to safety.

Kangaroo Attack on Television, Ohio

You can’t say the recipients of this attack don’t deserve it. ‘Killer’ Willard the boxing Kangaroo lashed out live on live TV, giving trainer Tony a powerful kick that sends him flying.

Crocodile Attack Caught on Video, Thailand

Another case of animals being kept in captivity to entertain crowds, this crocodile is clearly hacked off when his jaws clamp down on his trainer’s arm. Kahn brazenly sticks his hand in the croc’s mouth as part of his routine, only to have the ‘death roll’ performed on him, a technique animals use in the wild to rip limbs from their prey. Luckily Kahn was able to free himself and lived to tell the tale.

Bull Attacks Matador, Spain

Spanish Matadors dice with death on a day to day basis, they’re highly skilled professionals who know exactly how to manipulate these wild beasts. Of course accidents do happen and this un-planned slip up nearly cost this Bull-fighter his life. The Bull’s horn penetrated his lower jaw, emerging from his mouth. The Matador was able to get up and walk away and was later treated in hospital, his colleagues took over the show and killed the Bull minutes later.

Tiger Attacks Man on Elephant, India

This shocking footage depicts a full-grown Tiger attacking a hunter on an elephant in Kaziranga National Park, India. Filmed on a handheld camera, the moment of terror when the predator leaps athletically from the long grassland with its jaws open and an outstretched paw is heart stopping. The hunter’s arm was badly injured and the Tiger was shot by a fellow hunter.

Lion, South Africa

When humans enter a Lion’s enclosure, some form of attack is all but inevitable, and that’s exactly what happened to British journalist, Charles-Starmer-Smith when filming a piece in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Starmer smith bravely enters the enclosure with an expert Lion handler, but that doesn’t stop him getting a bit mauled in what was an unsurprising but nevertheless harrowing attack.

Killer Whale Attacks Woman, San Diego

This famous attack occurred in 1971 when Ann Godsey, a secretary for SeaWorld in San Diego who asked to Ride a Killer Whale for a publicity shot. Being unfamiliar with its passenger, the beast turned and attacked Ann after appearing docile initially. After trashing around in the pool with Ann in its jaws, the Killer Whale, one of the deadliest predators in the ocean stopped for a second allowing Ann to grab the side of the trough. A staff member wrenched open the Whale’s mouth and Ann lived to tell the tale. It seems the announcer in the video got his facts wrong, but it’s a scary video any way you slice it.

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  1. amay September 13, 2011 at 12:25 pm -

    very nice post:) Lion attack is too scary!!

  2. Steve January 13, 2012 at 10:46 am -

    The horse in the video is not a stallion. Stallions are male, the horse in the video is referred to as both “she” and a “filly” (which is a female of less than 4 years). Had it been a stallion, the abuser would have been far worse off.

  3. Steve January 13, 2012 at 10:47 am -

    I’m always delighted when I see a bullfighter get gored by the bull. It’s a cowardly, unfair contest that should be banned.

  4. Stephan January 18, 2012 at 7:10 am -

    Couldn’t care less for most of the people in these videos, who are either stupid as hell or simply abusing the animals.