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The Noughties have seen the web used like never before. Instead of coffee and a paper, this decade has been about a latte and laptop. In a seemingly endless barrage of websites out there, the web browser has been our windows into world events and entertainment. The convenience of the web and new portability technology has all but replaced the traditional printed word in many people’s minds. Let’s face it too; laptops are easier to fold anyway. Here are your Top 10 Most Influential Websites of the Decade:

#10. eBay

Buy, sell and browse, that’s what eBay is all about. What started as a website for people who collected Pez dispensers has turned into a multi-billion dollar website where people can buy anything from fossilized dinosaur eggs to small children. Because of this, there have been a few arrests of sellers, but the B goes on.


#9. Yahoo

Form games to dating and email services, yahoo does seem to have it all. It’s propriety messenger is free and widely used the world over, bringing us all closer together as people and consumers.


#8. Craigslist

If you need anything and are in the market to buy, the web’s answer to the want ads is Craigslist. Craig’s list has become one of those rarely branded names in the world and though set up in a different format than eBay, it has given the big boy a run for its money.


#7. Wikipedia

The free online encyclopedia has become an invaluable source for nearly everyone. This data base is easily cross referenced and simple to navigate. Many hours of homework time has been saved due to the ongoing and ever changing web project.


#6. TMZ

This entertainment eZine is the top of the list. Some of the content is tongue in cheek, but really, considering what they are writing about, it has to be. This entertaining and informative site will leave you shaking your head and glad you’re not someone else.


#5. Twitter

The Mother of micro blogging. This small initial San Francisco startup with only a handfull employees have taken the net to a whole other level and reborn the process of personal branding.


#4. Mapquest

Love them or hate them, mapquest got us all from one place to another in the 2000s. Well, they did for the most part anyway. Still, mapquest was one of the first an invaluable as a reference before that trip across the country or across town.


#3. YouTube

At least now everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame, and email a link as well. From people crying hysterically over Britney Spears to some kid singing in a really low voice, the content on youtube is insane. There are also many educational videos on youtube as well. So it’s not all fun and games.


#2. Google

The phrase “Google it” has become common place in today’s world, but the high powered search engine that supplanted yahoo is more than just a search engine, they are a web powerhouse. With games, applications (that really apply) and tons of content, Google is God on the internet.


#1. Facebook

No one knew what Facebook was at first; part social network, part game platform, part school alumni site and part dating service. What exactly is Facebook? In a nutshell, it appears to be whatever you make it, and not going away any time soon. Much like Google, Facebook is one of those web services that everybody knows about and everybody uses. To “Facebook” will surely be accepted into the dictionaries any time soon. Check out our Facebook Fails listing to get the inside scoop.


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  1. Atishay Jain September 1, 2011 at 1:56 pm -

    this goes without saying … i love facebook… wikipedia and ebay …. wiki saves me so much time …. facebook —- all my friends can be found here