Top 10 Running Mistakes

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I have been running and training for competitions for the last six years of my life and during that time, I have come across numerous mistakes in which I and other athletes I train with, have made throughout our training regime. In this article I wanted to list the top ten running mistakes I and others have encountered throughout my training career. Lets take a look at these errors below.


1. Your Diet & Hydration Intake

The first mistake I want to mention is that many athletes dont always give much consideration to the idea of diet and hydration. If you are training on a consistent basis, you want to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water along with eating a frequent amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains. Without doing so, you run the risk of aching muscles and lacking stamina and strength.

2. The Right Training Shoes

Investing into a pair of proper training shoes will yield a comfortable running experience. The use of running shoes helps to support your feet, ankles and even knees and joints. I am always surprised to see running athletes not properly investing into a decent pair of trainers. They end up getting injured or they lose interest in frequent training because of discomfort on their feet.

3. Not Warming Up Correctly

This is a fundamental mistake that beginners make when they start training. They simply dont take the time to warm up and stretch their muscles before and after their training session. What usually results is that they develop sore  muscles the next day and for them it feels like a truck just hit them!

4. Running Whilst Hungover From the Night Before

This was something I thought was good for me, as I thought it would help to clear up my hangovers. But I soon found out that pursuing exercise the day after is something you should probably avoid. Just be sure to drink plenty of water and eat those carbs to get you back into shape.

5. Running Whilst Injured

This may seem like an obvious “no-no”, but again you’d be surprised how runners “run through pain” so to speak in order to finish their workout. If you experience pain of some sort whilst training, its best to stop immediately so that you dont perpetuate further injury on yourself.

6. Running in Unfamiliar Territory

I think its always best to make sure that you know where you are going and what route you are going to train on. Always run on tracks or routes where you are familar with its course. You dont want to end up running into a bad neighborhood as it could be dangerous for you.

7. Make Sure Your Having Fun!

Above all, make sure your having fun when you train. Not having fun means that you lose motivation to train. As some of you reading this list will know, training takes effort, determination and self motivation. When you dont add fun into the mix, the chain breaks and so does your running regime.

8. Dont Over Do It At The Beginning

I see this all the time and I was victim to this also. Its important not to over do exercise training at the beginning. Start off by doing some light jogging, at your own pace for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. Then from there you can build up and increase the intensity of your running by running faster and at longer distances. By over doing it, you’ll be subjected to injury and that is something you dont want to face at the beginning.

9. Use Sun Block If Required

Where I come from, there is not always the need to use sun block. But If you live in a part of the world that has frequent sunshine, I think its best that you use it. As you develop your training, you’ll spend more time outdoors, potentially in the sun and Its important to protect yourself from the suns rays. I have a friend that lives out in California and its something that he’s mentioned to me before. I think its applicable to those runners who train in sunny parts of the world.

10. Dont Get Lost!

So the final tip on this list is not to get lost as you run through your course routes. I always find that using a GPS app on my smart phone helps me to navigate my way round some tricky courses and allows me to plan for the obstacles ahead.

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