Top 10 Tips for Increasing Retail Sales

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You will not have much of a business if you cannot successfully move your products. Even the most successful enterprises are constantly seeking out ways to get even more customers. Whether you are struggling in your retail business or seeking ways to ensure its steady growth, the following tips can help make your business endeavors a success.

Honestly Assess What You Can and Cannot Handle Yourself

Often times, we try to save money by doing things ourselves instead of seeking out the assistance of experienced people who know a lot more than we do about the subject at hand; think of the stubborn husband who insists on fixing the toilet himself rather than hiring a plumber. You may be taking the same approach in trying to cut expenses. But, your lack of skill or knowledge about certain business matters may be causing your profits to suffer. If you are failing miserably in trying to build that website yourself or you have really do not have the first clue how to effectively market your business, finding people who do is a worthy investment that will profit you in the long run. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Give Your Staff Incentive to Sell

We are a lot better at doing our jobs when there is something motivating us to do them better. If you have sales staff at your store, give them incentives to convert browsers to paying customers. Maybe you can offer a cash bonus, gift certificates, free products from the store. Anything that you think would be of value to them. Again, this is an instance where spending a bit more money can help bring in more of it.

Have a Customer Rewards Program

You always want to give customers a reason to come back to your store and make more purchases in the future. A customer rewards program is a great way to do this; while you might associate with a big chain store, it can work for small businesses too. Some ideas include accumulating points for discounts or free products or offering discounts on a customer’s birthday.

Create Attractive Displays

Creating eye-catching displays, preferably viewable from the street, is a great way to move products. It can be good for new items, ones only available for a limited time or items that have been slow to sell. Consider the flow of traffic through your store to determine the optimal spots for displays to get the most eyes on them.

 Be Smart with Your Money

Keeping good financial records is an obvious key to business success but something a lot of us may not adhere to as well as we should. Clearly tracking your expenses helps you know where your money is going and will aid you in spending it more effectively. Cash flow is vital for a thriving business; budget wisely and track money going in and out of the store carefully so you always have the funds on hand you need to manage your business successfully.

Partner Up For Cross-Promotions

Leveraging your marketing efforts and getting other people to market for you is a great way to maximize presence while minimizing time and expense. Look for other businesses in your area where you are not directly competing, who offer services and products complementary to yours. They can include fliers for your business in their shopping bags; you can partner up and offer special deals as an incentive for customers to patronize both your businesses.

Offer Bounceback Coupons

Everyone loves to save money and providing customers with coupons only good for a limited amount of time will help create a sense of urgency and motivate them to come back sooner than later for something they were planning on buying anyway or maybe not planning on buying, but now looks too good to pass up!

Offer Free Samples

Free samples are a great way to get someone to buy something they might not have otherwise. By being able to test out products beforehand, someone will be much more likely to want to purchase it if they like it. It can also be a great way to gain new customers as people may pass off the sample to someone else who they think might like the product.

Make Sure Your Staff Is in the Know

An informed sales staff makes for a more effective sales staff. Make sure your employees are up to speed on all the latest product offerings, their features as well as current promotions, specials and sales.

Change How You Approach Customers

Typically, you will greet customers by asking them if you can help them or how you can help them and customers will typically tell you they do not need any assistance, they are just looking,etc… This may be the case sometimes, but if you approach customers differently, you can end the interaction with a sale more of the time—approach them and tell them how you can help them and proceed with an open-ended question to get the conversation going.

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