10 Tips for Creating a Powerful Marketing Video

kelli December 30, 2013 Comments Off on 10 Tips for Creating a Powerful Marketing Video

ID-10048931Build your brand and gain the trust of your target audience by adding video marketing to your online marketing campaign. Use these 10 tips to publish inspiring, powerful videos for your preferred viewers.

Boost Your Energy

Elevate your energy before creating videos to connect effectively with your audience. Energetic videos are more likely to go viral. Raise the tone of your voice. Speak volubly to impact your audience. Exercise for a few moments before presenting your video. Create a power marketing video guaranteed to impress your viewers.

Use SEO to Target Your Audience

Build each video around a niche-specific keyword. Target your audience by creating content based on their preferred search terms. Post your keyword in the video description field and title and remember to speak the keyword or key phrase once or more in your videos. Noting niche-specific keywords helps your videos to wind up in front of prying, interested eyes.

Short and Sweet Videos Work Best

Few people have more than 3 or 4 minutes to spare so build short and sweet videos no longer than 5 minutes in length to create appealing videos. Discipline yourself to cut things short after the 5 minute mark. Unless you are an exceptionally talented, gifted speaker your audience will tune you out after a few minutes. The average attention span is way too short to create a long-winded video. Make your point. Publish your video.

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

Search engines like Google place a heavy emphasis on getting link juice from social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Google Plus. Engaging individuals and sharing value can help you boost your video positioning in search engines and can also skyrocket your video views. Patiently share your videos on social networking sites and aggressively market your social media buddies’ presence to leverage your own presence online. Social media websites can add more juice to your video as more interested viewers check out your content and spread the word.

Tap into Social Bookmarking

Social bookmaking your videos on websites like Digg and Stumbleupon improve your positioning in search engines and expands your brand online. Social bookmarking sites attract interested viewers to your video. Persistently post your videos on bookmarking sites. Promote other people’s videos and blog posts on these sites to leverage your presence. As other social junkies promote you in return more people will be able to see your powerful, influential videos.

Place the Emphasis on Solving Problems

Powerful videos address some pressing need. If you run an online business you need leads and plenty of them to succeed. Why not create a video listing 3 4 tips to generate leads using social media websites? By directly solving a problem experienced by your target viewers you will add more influence to your videos. Never shoot videos with a problem in mind. People crave videos that entertain, inspire and inform them. Be a solutions provider to create impactful videos.

Presentation Counts

Inspiring videos generally convey a professional, well-designed message.  Pay a designer to spruce up your videos or learn how to edit videos yourself to charge up your audience. Present an image which is easy on the eyes to impress your viewers.

Check the Lighting

Lighting makes or breaks your video. Tweak lighting by using lamps indoors or by shooting videos at different times of the day. Experiment with short test videos before you create your final version to nail down the right lighting.

Practice Like Crazy

If you want to create powerful videos publish 3 to 5 videos each week. Gain a sense of comfort in front of the camera by practicing like crazy. Practicing improves your self confidence and adds positive energy to your presentation.

Look into the Camera

Viewers prefer engaging video presenters who look directly into their eyes – aka the camera – during videos. Maintain eye contact with the camera to create impressive videos.

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